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  • lol yeah, oh, um, I forgot to mention yesterday that I'll be gone for July. Going to visit the fam. And there no internet there other than my cuz which I don't think I'll be able to use all that much. Yeah, so anyways, I probably won't be on to post. T~T!!! I don't want to go without internet...*cries hysterically* anyway, thought I'd tell you. What should I do with the RP?
    lol, yeah I know. My sched is iffy. I can only get on in the mornings usually for about half an hour. I've got stupid time restritions and all. Although sometimes I can get on in the afternoons. And then I can't get on most weekends, my dad doesn't have internet up yet. T~T So, that's pretty much my thing. But there are days suring the week that I can't get on cuz I'm swamped with other stuff. XD
    Yep, so that's about it. lol
    Sometimes you start to like it... At first I didn't mind bookreports, but now... Maybe it's because I have better things to do when I get the computer^^

    Long^^ How many words? Tell me when it gets released, okay? I want to read it!

    That wouldn't work for me. I can't draw at all^^ I got an idea while I was in Rome... I don't remember how I got inspiration, but I will try to write it in the summervacation. Not sure if it will work, though^^
    I find that the more bookreports I have to make, the more I hate them^^

    That's too bad. But you did finish an original story that's novel lenght? That's very impressive already!

    Music helps a lot! Somehow I always get ideas when I'm listening to the radio, making my math homework. But I never have time to write it down, because I really need to finish that homework^^
    That sounds about right, yeah...^^

    Your stories are actually being published? That's really cool! Anyway, I will finish those oneshots, just not now^^ A few of my stories will never be finished, though. They just didn't have a real plot yet, so there's no point in continueing them. One I might rewrite, but the rest is kinda crappy^^
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