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  • That addicting huh? I never really got into Sims.

    Looking forward to the updates though!

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    My stories are going well, I actually know what to do with Falling for a Nobody and it should have some interesting twists.

    In the long term, I'm working on a post-apocalyptic KH universe in which Sora and a few others are fighting in a new Keyblade War.

    Awesome! Can't wait to read it!
    Yea, Terra and Zack really got screwed over.

    Terra got turned into a monster (two really, though they had mixed levels of influence).

    I never knew much about Zack though, so I'm still adjusting to his tragedy. He tried to save Genesis even at the end, and he kept Cloud safe for years.

    And despite all the stuff he went through, he never really turned emo or anything. He just kept pushing.
    It's going well! Just watched all the cutscenes of Crisis Core actually.

    BBS had a sad ending, but Zack's story seems even worse. The poor guy was so selfless and just go screwed over.

    How've you been?
    Glad you like my theories =D

    Happy Easter!

    Well, technically if Xemnas had some of Eraqus's memories, he would have remembered Eraqus telling Aqua about the room and thus could have concluded that Ven was currently there.

    Oh right! Castle Oblivion! That's another example. And Radiant Garden definitely showed the kind of massacre Xemnas would be willing to cause.

    I've been thinking lately... about how Terra could still have influence through Xemnas... about how Nomura might pull a fast one on us in the end...

    The Xehanortification process seems to have an interesting result: loyalty from whoever is affected. Xigbar and Saix were arguably some of the most devoted members to the Organization.

    Now, why would Xemnas want all those members of the Organization under his control? He didn't seem disappointed when Saix and Xigbar, two of his Xehanort seeds, were killed by Sora. So what was the point of bringing the entire Organization under control.

    The true goal of Xehanortification, for Xemnas at least...

    Is genocide. The human-like Nobodies represent some of the most powerful beings in the universe. Xemnas wants to be on top, he wants to ensure that nobody would have enough power to rise against him. And then there's this quote:

    In my opinion, Xemnas just wanted to ensure he had full control over the universe. With one last detail...

    Aqua and Ven. Everyone knows Xemnas was obsessed with finding Ven in Castle Oblivion, but wouldn't there have been easier ways? Xemnas could have easily transformed his appearance to mirror Terra's and searched for Aqua in the Realm of Darkness (she has no black coat, so he could find her scent). Then he could have convinced her to bring him to Ven at Castle Oblivion.

    As far as we know though... that didn't happen... or if it did and he failed, she would have looked ANGRY upon seeing the hooded Ansem the Wise in the secret ending of BBS FM.

    So why was he always sending the Organization after Ven? It wasn't to find Ven... it was to ensure he COUDN'T BE FOUND! He wanted to test the security of Castle Oblivion, because he was planning on inducing a mass genocide in the Realm of Light.

    I believe THAT is the empire he intended to create, one in which solely he, Ven and Aqua existed.

    And if you ask me, I'm not sure if that goal ever went away. A Keyblade War would more or less accomplish the same, no?
    Nah I know you were joking, I was too. XD

    That WAS supposed to be shown in 3D. Instead though, this whole Xehanortification idea just makes Xemnas and Ansem seem like the same guy (only with different experiences).
    True, Terra did have a lot going on. Plus the way he teased her in the intro gives a glimpse of them having the possibility of being more than friends.

    Honestly, Nomura hasn't revealed ANYTHING about how Terra, Eraqus and Xehanort's memories and hearts were divided among Xemnas and Ansem SOD. So BBS V2 is definitely gonna come out and reveal those divisions we're anxious to see. Xemnas has WAY too much potential to be another carbon copy of Xehanort.

    An angry letter? Sure, I'll start that right after I forward a petition telling him to leave time travel out of the next saga. This whole concept has made KH3D seem stupid and I don't think the game will ever go mainstream now. People had trouble understanding all the stuff revealed in BBS? Forget it, this game just makes things worse.
    Cool and not to barge into you and chase's converstions, but are you both still on thing Terra=Xemnas thing. Have you forgot the bastard took Terra's body and made lives a living hell. He's Xehanort and Terra is not in control. I think you both should stop this and don't write letters to Nomura because he ruin your whole Xemnas a good guy thing and Aquanort. The reason I'm saying this is because I wouldn't want to put the two of on ingore. You two are good writers but you're taking this way too far.

    Be the bigger adult about this and drop it. Xemnas is evil.
    I agree completely! BBS V2!

    But... on another note...

    Considering what Xemnas said about Nobodies creating new hearts... hearts whose intentions were different than the original ones...

    Terra, though I hate to admit it, never seemed to truly fancy Aqua in BBS.

    Xemnas, on the other hand, held on to her slim suit of armor for quite some time, talking to it whenever he could no less.


    SO! I'm curious to see the rest of Xemnas's intentions, aren't you?
    Yea, and this way it makes it easier for Terra to be forgiven for what he did. If he had been the driving force behind Xemnas, then it would have been difficult for the heroes to forgive him.

    Still... I want to know WHO that other voice was and why Xemnas held on to the armor for so long. If Nomura wants to do it this way, then fine, but WRAP UP ALL THE MYSTERIES!
    I haven't seen the actual fight, but the intro cutscene where he lifts up the buildings looks awesome!

    Btw... speaking of that cutscene...

    It's not looking good so far LS. I saw the subs and it said the whole point of the Organization was to make vessels for Xehanort.

    I'll hold out hope for now, but I'm not sure.
    I'd definitely be upset!

    By the way, sorry... forgot to respond to your Xigbar theory...

    I've NEVER considered that actually! I mean, maybe Xemnas did know what was going on and chose to screw with No. 2.

    Hopefully we'll find out more about this since there seem to be scenes with Xigbar and Xemnas in TWTNW.
    I don't like the sound of this...

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