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  • I was at my best friends house and there was her 5 yr old brother there, we had to go to the park with him and then once we got there me and my friend were just hanging out when I came by with this huge stick that was just randomly somewhere, and came up and smacked my side with it, and THEN asked, "Oh can I hit you with this stick?" I was pissssed lol.
    and I am going to this barbque thingy with one of my friends and her family and my family outside, it will be nice.
    and haha its a non-chapter story, like just a prologue and thats it.
    yeah and you can actually talk to them without the topic changing to, "Oh can I hit you with a stick?" lol (its happened to me before).
    and yeah me either, at least i get to do something tomorrow, but still :/
    and oh just some one-shots that I start on but then decide that i'll probably just get to distracted to finish them.
    That is why kids 9 and up=perfect lol.
    and nm just trying to write and talking on here, laaaaazy day today.
    I always get chills when just walk in lol. and yeah I get paid, (which can make up for it) but I guess it isn't as bad having them around the house all the time, but you gotta love them too xP
    I did, its gooooood. Ugh I hate it when you first get in!! Then again I always jump in, so that Its not as bad, but yeah I hate that too :[
    I agree with that statement like 100% and yeah I guess I am, but I still see little kids all the time at my friends and my aunt and uncles, or when I babysit :/
    hmmmmm welll i sorta thought Transformers 2 was stupid (even though i didnt see all of it) and i have no idea what Carriers is...

    I like the new one that they came out with.. its called White-Out or something lol.
    and I could guess that it did lol.
    Because it was really cold, and sunless before (winnter and spring) xD
    Are you talking about the voltage one??
    and jeez, you used to wake up at 5? 0_O hahaha of course, sports :p but that sounds cool, I love the pool so much now lol.
    lucky, i wanna go swimming

    lol really? yay i made a funny!

    i dont wanna eat, but now u got me thinking of ice cream
    oh *facepalm* i have summer on my mind sorry lol

    well thats something, i can do a faceplant xD

    just random things, now its off because i dont know what to do lol
    Ooh that sounds fun! i remember this kool place in Texas sorta like that, forgot what it was called though. I dont think it had a pool

    haha hey its not my fault they're loud lol they're just yelling and skateboarding. im listening to music now
    very insanely awesome. I sleep in until 12 everyday and stay up until 2 am getting hyped up on mountain dew and then I hang out with my bff the next day and go to the pool lol. How is yours??
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