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  • No it won't

    Launchpad is forever and no amount of character development will break that.
    very inspirational thing 2 say, cool by me dude. how are living arrangements going btw?
    "your friendship request with launchpad is pending"
    It's not a problem at all. Maybe I was a little harsh in my reaction, but I made a point, and I think you'll find I'm not the only one who agrees with that point if you read through that thread. I wasn't saying "shut the hell up, you're all idiots, I'm superior" like you're shoving into my mouth, I was saying "you need to shut up and actually think about (insert subject here) for once instead of automatically casting judgement". KHI is not a hugbox. Discussion doesn't have to always be sunshine and flowers. There's a difference between having a loud opinion, and being hostile and angry. Welcome to the real world.
    Why are you quoting "just shut up" when I never said those words in your thread, at all? I said we don't need your thread until after E3, because we have so many other threads that cover exactly what yours did. What the hell is wrong with you? Also, the only other two people who have called me "hostile" were Incognito, who wasn't anywhere near as much of an asshole as you're being, and chuman, who was actually BANNED for his ignorance.
    I have no reason to make a new account. Also I wasn't off-topic at all. Also, I wasn't dictating any kind of discussion, you're putting words in my mouth and misinterpreting literally everything I wrote to be about attacking you. I'm not an angry little man, you're an asshole who doesn't know how to not act like a child and insult me when I did absolutely nothing to you. There's a reason your post was deleted.
    What is your beef with me? I make a non-aggressive, honest response to your thread and you respond with a passive-aggressive jab at me for seemingly no reason. God forbid anyone give your thread anything less than a warm welcome.
    That fucking sucks man I'm sorry, my family only just got a home in November after over a year of welfare motels for $200 a week and a shitty trailer with no cable, internet, plumbing and electric that failed in the last month.

    I know the struggle, I hope you get a place soon.
    I linked it to my Microsoft account but that shouldn't matter
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