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  • Fragments is good, has a sort of KH2-meets-Hunger-Games feel to it. I'm not much of a hunger games fan myself, but the RP is definitely looking like it's going to be good.
    That's OK. I was really hoping he was gonna pick that RP up, but it's been so long I really doubt it. I had a good character for it. But I'm sure your welcome on R.E.M, maybe even on Fr@gm3nt$.
    ((I haven't even decided yet... Working on it though!))

    Yeah, well... *fart sounds*
    My favorite legendary, is Mew! And my favorite starter is Piplup! Though Cyndaquil (I'm sure I spelled that wrong. xD) is a close second. o3o
    Hmm, I think my favorite is between Platinum and White. ^^

    What's your favorite legendary pokemon? And starter pokemon? o3o
    My avatar's really that nice?

    I've been thinking about changing it. It's kind of getting a bit old, I think.
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