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  • dont worry, when i get it
    atleast i'll be able to tell you how good it is,
    and what your missing

    i'll even mail you the wrapper that encased the game box
    i just wish something exciting would happen.
    like a comet hitting the earth
    or a deer eating a tiger

    the most fun i've had so far was
    the thread Ecstacy made for me in the Pointless Forum

    i think things will come along though
    im gonna pick up Gears of War 2
    im gonna go see Zack and Miri make a porno, for a couple o' laughs
    then im gonna wait and buy Sonic Unleashed.

    .........hmmmm, dont know what else
    Haha, right xD

    Naturally. I chose to learn Spanish and English as my major! And Japanese is just a little addition, I don't really have to take that class. Well some classes are indeed boring but I can't regret having chosen them, because it's a must. =_=;;
    Yes I can pay all the daily needs with so much money. There's even some money left at the end of the month according to my calculations :D Nah you know, stuff like clothes, accessoires, books and so on. Hehe.

    I'd like to be bored! My studies are very much time-comsuming. Especially Spanish @_@;;
    Hey Lenny sorry for not responding on facebook, the site doesn't work for me right now D:
    So I'm sending you a message here instead.

    Well, you wanted to know about my financial situation...I'm getting BAföG (584 EUR per month) and that's enough for me. =) But I still want to have a part-time job..mainly because I want to purchase, let's say, some stuff. xD

    How are you doing? I totally forgot that you still have Herbstferien! Or are they over already?!

    None of the curriculum challenges me, even in the advanced courses. Whatever I don't already know I absorb really quickly.

    So when we spend a week reinforcing a concept I've known for years, it gets exceedingly tedious, and I tend to stop doing the work. I'm quite an annoying student because I get ones [haha German] on tests, but do really poorly in the class overall.

    And I have to go and get ready to go somewhere, so I probably won't be able to reply back.
    That's really a shame. It's hard enough to get kids to try if the administration is trying. A situation like that has to be nearly impossible.

    School's here are alright, all things considered. I don't think they're well suited for my needs, but those are different from most people's.
    How is it ridiculous in Germany?

    If it's in any way similar to here, then I'm sorry for your loss.
    I'm a junior in high school, which is the second to last grade before college begins.

    And I live near Chicago, Illinois, in the US. It's a pretty boring sort of town, unfortunately.
    Life is pretty good for me as well. We just finished first quarter in school, so I had the day off today. A weekday spent relaxing is a wonderful thing, I have to say.
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