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  • Oh so you get smaller break between your schooling and such, if so that helps. ^_^
    Ah yeah, I see...or I think.
    Btw who's your least favorite Organization member, I never asked you that but I had to know.
    I like Zero lol. So I txted Citrus and stole your request.

    Hope ya don't mind. I haven't done a request for you in ages.
    Yeah, this, June, July, and August.
    Only one and a half? Sounds short imo but probably cuz I get along er break but that's still good it's more then a week though. XD
    Yeah college students get that much of a break. So it's 4 months of break instead of 3 months usually for summer, yay!!!! XD
    But it'll go by fast!
    Oh I see. ^_^ I guess I'll still have sometime till then since I might start my classes late August. :/
    Oh that? I just saw some pop-up I didn't like. lol.

    It went okay, got a headache in the end but worth it and it's over. :D SO YAYYYYYYY I'm free for the summer although I might have to do a little Math over the summer. D:
    <3 It's fine. Though I lost by one vote, which was kinda frustrating. xD;;
    I wouldn't have made it pass the second round anyway. >w>
    Its pretty crazy, I ended up going on an unexpected hiatus/retirement. And completely stopped using my old account. Sadly I don't run SDD anymore, Zook does. He keeps the first post original untouched and marks me even now as the shops founder.

    I do run and am in charge of Eye Burners Inc.
    Let me find something sharp so I can amputate my right hand and put it in your pants.
    yo man its been agees since i was here, I was getting virus problems a while back so i didnt show up here.

    sorry for the way over overdue reply lol.
    Ah its alright man

    I actually did post in FCs pretty often, it was after they closed Enchanted Rose's that I stopped shortly afterward >:
    Most commonly I went by KenT, or Hall back then. I founded Spiral Dream Designs xD
    Awesome tag.

    Also hi Lenny o:
    if you remember an iProd that used to be me xD
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