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  • Definitely a glamor to them. They give a certain look of class that i admire. I always found myself more interested in the old fashioned life style.
    Is that Dita? I can't see her face very well, that's why. I love burlesque girls; if I were a lesbian, I'd rather do Dita and Bettie Page than these skinny bitches with tacky, bleached hair. At first I was a bit reluctant towards BioShock, but once I played it, I was ADDICTED. The style is so unique, and it makes me feel happy inside, knowing that someone finally got something right. I've always loved the 50s era (though BioShock is set in the 60s) but I swear to God that this game has made me love old, retro music more and more, especially Papa Loves Mambo by Perry Como. He's fantastic. I'm definitely going to pick up Fallout 3 now!
    pleeeease tell me you think dita von teese is gorgeous as much as i do. seriously, i would marry that woman. heard a lot of good things about fallout3, but i was put off it by the halo-esque look. would you recommend it?
    darling i do love your style. are bioshock/fallout 3 made by the same people?
    Haha very true with that. It's just a shame that the Phillies pitching wasn't as strong as it was prior to the World Series. Oh well. You have to give the Yankees, especially Matsui, their credit.
    Well if you're going to have a girl crush on anyone I guess she would be a good woman to have one on.
    Oh wow. Isn't she the "I kissed a girl and I liked it." woman? Me and my sister were in the car one time and that song came on and after that awkward song was over my sister was like "That song was special." XD
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