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    I have a question? Why do women always to seem surround their profiles with seductive images? Like in avatars and sigs. I think it's on purpose if you ask me.
    Oh no thank you for all of that. My eyes thank you.
    Could you imagine someone talking to you like that out of nowhere in real life? That would be an interesting day. Or weird. haha
    You are a babe. Good work on being born and all that.
    hehe thankyouu, i'm getting it cut a little bit more like kh2 kairi next month :p then getting it dyed in the new year hopefully hehe :D this forums full of drama isnt it, people care too much lol!!
    I was almost down to a point of nail biting during the 9th inning last night. But now I'm hoping Pedro can pitch a solid game in the Bronx
    Yes, it was agonizing. My friend was at the game and left once Damon got on third since he just had that feeling that he knew they weren't going to win. But at least now they are up 3-1
    well now that hurts my individuality, j/k. I guess the easiest way to explain it is kind of like looking at an art piece plastered on the wall, and you find it hard to pass by without looking at it. This is what i would see as a great portrait, being something attentive to anyone, and everyone who comes by it. In this case you would be considered photogenic, like a model except the major focus is on the face. If you look at pictures such as Du Soleil, Disk Jockey, Meertallica, and Stephanie's (stephanknee) pictures and so forth, they mainly pertain to their faces, and that's the real focus i, and perhaps others go for. Well that's pretty much my say :>
    Very so, you are very photogenic. Probably sounds creepy but i'm enthralled when someone who holds a gracious amount of beauty presents themselves in more than one photo.
    my show I was in just ended sunday so I'm looking forward to getting some time off to relax
    It is possible. I am in anxiety watching this game right now., play they just grounded out for the first out :(
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