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  • you should really get back into it, god knows we need more activity in the dm section, haha.
    so what're you up to with your life now then? working? uni?
    ahah that's cool then

    I've been here since 2007 myself.
    welcome back then. you seem like a nice person.
    lol. well good. I'm one who likes to pay compliments. and.. you are deserving. lol.

    BTW I notice your join date was 2004, but I've never seen you here. what gives?
    I hope this doesn't come off as creepy. But that pic you posted makes me insanely attracted to you (dont' worry I'm not a stalker). I have this thing about faces. and you have a beautiful face and a wonderful smile.

    overall sexy rating? 10/10
    haha, i don't really remember you making tags, although i do remember "rate the signature above you" lolol.
    your current tag is pretty good, i like the cracked face.

    yeah! squall leonheart! that's so cool that you're friends. did he already live there, or did he move? lol
    haha, yeah, it was only the other day i was looking through "rate the member above you" and saw us two thee, lol. i actually took a year or two out but this site has a strage way of sucking you back in.

    do you remember c4strife? he comes on here on and off. who was the guy you liked on here? i've forgotten his username, something to do with leon, haha.
    thought i'd tell you something nice.

    if i were a lesbian, i would totally bang you.

    haha, i'm good thanks, where've you been!? i wasn't actually sure that you'd remember me.
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