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    Am I the only one that liked Haley Joel Osments voice acting performance in KH 3D?

    I also know what you mean, even though it kills me to say that about Sora. You would think he would still have his sixteen year old memories and attitude during his time being fourteen again in the Sleeping Worlds, but for some reason his personality got younger. And yes, he also acted really...
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    Ok, so I am horrible at the forums...... I am fairly new at doing these but have been a fan of the site since the very early days all of my KH news was here. Only recently I decided to make an account and with so much going on with KH3 and the series overall I wanted to actually talk with people...
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    Am I the only one that liked Haley Joel Osments voice acting performance in KH 3D?

    I liked his voice acting in each game, but, is it just me or does Sora seem to become more of a goofball in dream drop distance. I know this doesn't have much to do with his voice but after all the trials and tribulations don't you think he would seem a tad .... I don't know ... wiser? anyone...
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    After 8 Years, I Have FINALLY Beaten Kingdom Hearts!

    Congrats on beating the game for the first time ... the first game will always be really special to me for too many reasons to list ..... what was your favorite part of your experience
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    My experience with Dream Drop Distance and game discussion *SPOILERS*

    The time travel thing threw me a little bit but with KHIII and the lost masters and all that coming up it may make sense even with Aqua Terra and Ven somehow ... what do you think?
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    Question: Why wasn't lenzo mad at Lea?

    The stories of the games don't bother me.... I mean its an RPG and they all get convoluted at times sooo idk my thoughts are the same as the post from solo up top
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    WAIT wait... wait...

    ya know what lets go with that for now lol I actually like all the characters designs for each game I am pretty stoked to see what they come up with for the 3rd!! But i did like Riku's hair in 2 a little better than in DDD but really idc all that much
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    One tiny little thing missing from the Beauty and the Beast World in the entire series should be in

    ...If you had told me that time travel was gonna be in the cards 5 or six years ago as far as major plot... i would have said the same thing so I say never say never ....i know its not a major plot issue but could it happen .. yes Also Xaldin could have tempted his heart for some reason ... i...
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    News ► Anti-Form and Mickey Summon Trophies Confirmed for Kingdom Hearts 2.5

    Yeah I feel like alot of the achievements on 1.5 that were bronze were silvers for sure I mean some of them took some major time.... maybe it will get better this time around and for the love of god no pink rare truffle .....
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    BBS Capes...come on! the capes

    The capes are a neat idea but once again if this game gets delayed at any point, I will probably lose my Sh**! Do you guys think that the cape/cloak idea would be good design for KHIII???
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    Should there be easter eggs?

    I think it would be neat ... if it were not to delay the game... I always thought it would be awesome to play out Riku's side of the story and kinda fill in the blanks on his time after CoM
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Boxart Revealed!

    I like the box art!! but something that is odd is the set of hands seem out of place since MX is holding his hands behind his back ... or maybe i'm looking at it wrong
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    Which are you more excited for?

    Ok, I might be the only one that is actually stoked for the Re:coded film .... this time where the scenes play out more like a movie. To me, that is a great addition. I really don't know which one I am most excited for though really.... it is very close between the BBSfm and KHIIfm also, does...