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  • College is treating me strangely....It goes through random bursts of activity and then lulls down for a week and I'm like wtf do I do now?
    Maybe it's a joke. In that, the more difficulty you choose, the easier it is. :D

    Of course that's a horribly cruel joke.
    Ewwww :c

    I'll try to play it on proud then. Either way, I'm going to get stuck at some point. Oh well. :B
    I know I probably won't be able to see the secret ending when I play it, lol. Three scenarios? REALLY?

    I'm probably just really critical. Though it wouldn't hurt to play them all again, I suppose.
    I think I'll probably watch the secret movie on youtube, when I actually get around to getting the game.

    IMO, CoM and KH1 are really the only ones with a decent plot. I don't know how Coded or BBS' plot is, but from what I've heard, they're pretty good. Days was... meh. KH2 is just... so full of narm.
    Yeah, I haven't seen it either. :C

    Well I know she thinks BBS is about on par with/worse than KH2 in terms of written plot. And I'm not sure why exactly she doesn't like Aqua. You might have to ask her that.
    Well, I figure if you've finished BBS, you might already know them. :c

    But yeah. Smile doesn't like Aqua or BBS.
    I know! ><
    I get one more night at home, for labor day, and then vroom.

    I already have a cold. 3:
    I know haha and classes haven't started yet!
    That's good that's good. I hate when things randomly pile up.
    I really like the block schedule. Personally, I feel like you can't get really anything done in 50 minute classes. At least, we haven't been able to get much done in our classes. The only class I have that I really get to do much in is my Votech classes, which are three hours long. I also have a really long lunch. C:
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