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  • Yeah, there was a whole video about the horrors of Wal-Mart. They aren't fast food and they hire anyone, so I thought I had a chance. It's the only reason I applied. DX.
    I'll look as hard as I can. ^_^
    I'm not going to pretend I don't curse, but I would never say "Do your own fucking job." to one of my coworkers regardless of being friends with them or not. Especially not in front of customers; children, the elderly... That Wendy's was the worst ever though. And MccyD's here...there is never a time where orders aren't messed up. You think Target was bad, I wasn't even accepted at Wal-Mart. DX.I might try Atwoods. I could get employee discounts for farm equipment.
    To discover my talent I might have to do some soul searching. I just don't know what tere is to do unless I try some kind of computer type thing.
    I know what you mean. I've tried a lot of places, but no one will hire me. I don't want to work fast food, I've had bad experiences just going to those places, but I might just have to. I wish one of the grocery stores would just accept me.
    You're lucky you have writing skills. I don't have any particular talents unfortunately. It is imperative to make something out of anything you have, and you have writing. Talent like that shouldn't go to waste.
    It's a tough age to be. We're adults, yet we're still kids because we haven't had much experience in the real world. Sometimes people with a lot of experience expect too much of us.
    I'm insecure about my work as well. If I could find a typing job I would be fine, but around here it is mostly just fast food and retail. I'm not good at working with a lot of people so handling customers would be difficult for me. I get too flustered and I'm way too shy.
    Everyone is right, though. The talent is there; all that's left is the initiative. I suppose it's easier said than done, though. You'd probably have to come up with something like Harry Potter or Twilight to make anything of it in a short amount of time, though.
    I'm sure whatever happens will turn out alright. I spent the first 14 yearsa of my life barely able to eat every day...if it wasn't for my grandparents...Things were really crazy back then, and I'm still a little messed up, but it's gotten better in the last 4 years.
    D= I'm sure you don't want to hear my life story, though. Just trying to express that things turn out ok.
    I'd have probably done the same thing. I barely made it through highschool. I might try some sort of trade school, though.
    About your writing, it never hurts to try, right? I mean, I think you're really good. You can even do different styles.
    College...I'm still unsure if I'm gonna go or not. What's it like?
    Yeah, they work out there quite a bit. I don't think it's enough to put a T.V. out there. I have a suspicion that my Grandma did it mainly so that she could sit with the cats in the evening.
    I do this sometimes, get nostalgic. I used to watch a lot of T.V., though I'm kind of burned out of it now. These days I play video games and hang out around the farm. There isn't really anything good on, though. Maybe this winter when it's too cold.
    Also, do you think installing sattelite T.V. in a barn is strange? My Grandparents did, and I think it was strange of them to do so.
    Pinky and the Brain! That was on Nick, though. Nick also had Rocko's Modern Life, Angry Beavers, Hey Arnold, The Wild Thornberry's, etc. They had all my kid shows, too. I used to watch Eureka's Castle and Legend of the Hidden Temple. No one I talk to remembers those shows, though.
    =< I meant Zemyx. I made a typo. My damn pinky finger.
    I miss Pepper Ann, Gargoyles, Bonkers, etc. What really made be grr at Disney was when they took off Boy Meets World. D= I also miss Even Stevens, though it wasn't as old as the others. I also miss the movies they played at late night; Swiss Family Ribinson, Old Yeller, etc.
    Tina Fay is the teacher, and the blond chick is Regina's mom who got the boob job. I suppose I should have said women instead of girls. XD
    I <3 Zexy and Demyx. And Xemyx <3. My favorite character's vary from scene to scene to fanfic to fanfic to day to day.
    I miss 90s Disney too. And 90s toon Disney. And Nickelodean. And Cartoon Network. Damn this new generation television.
    IP adress, probably, if that's the case.
    The movie was cute, but kinda dumb. I love the two girls, though. They were funny in Mean Girls.
    Whoever the VAs are, I'll probably get used to them. Though I'm not quite used to Xehanort's heartless...Brittany was the biggest dissapointment to me, mostly because they're replacing her with one of those new Disney puppets. They really messed up Disney channel. D=
    Oh, and the parson who got banned...I suspect they were dodging a ban and had multiple accounts. I looked at their past posts and there really was no other reason...I don't really know, though.
    Sorry for the belated repy, because I had to get off. >.< My fiance arrived and we watched a movie called Baby Mama.
    I hope they announce all the VAs soon. I also hope they don't screw them up. I have faith in them since it is KH and they usually have good VAs, but when they replace someone it's usually not that great. I hope Namine doesn't sound terrible...
    I was so happy when this was announced, though. I never thought I'd see it in English, but here it is... Jeff, my fiance, pre-ordered mine the other day, because he wants to play it too. XD It's my early Christmas present.
    Are you going to play Re:CoM? The GBA one is fun, but I'll be glad to put voices with the characters.
    My teacher in Junior year was big on symbolism, but his voice always put me to sleep so...
    As for Senior, I had to switch to special ed enlgish because the teacher I had was a real jerk and the only way I could escape was a special ed class I didn't need. Just another example of using anxiety as a crutch.
    I do find symbolism in fics, as well. I don't review much, though. When I do it's usually just words of encouragement and compliments to keep up good spirits.
    I've played all the games and read the manga, but theories are still hard for me. Even if I understand symbolism it's hard for me to grasp it and really use what I know. To be honest, I am a little lost when it comes to the small details. Unless it's written I don't understand very well.
    That's why I really wish I could read the novels.
    You really should read the manga, though, because there are parts that are really funny.
    I know! I like it when they butcher the englsih language. That kind of grates on me, though.
    As for disproving theories, I leave that to the people who know how to choose their words better, and have all of their information at hand.
    Tha'ts true as well. T_T We'll never be free from them until the games are out. After the games are out we'll just have silly questions being asked that could just be found by searching forums, though.
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