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    News ► Official Kingdom Hearts UX Twitter teases important announcement with new sketch by Nomura!

    It was last year when I commented somewhere where I wanted a back story of Eraqus and Xehanort. Maybe see how Xehanort became evil and explore Scala ad Caelum more. Now I'm super hype since this might be what I hope for.
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    News ► Four new Hot Topic-exclusive Kingdom Hearts 3 Funko Tees releasing soon

    I saw these at Hot Topic yesterday. They were out much sooner than I thought.
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    News ► Four new Hot Topic-exclusive Kingdom Hearts 3 Funko Tees releasing soon

    I want all the ones with Sora on it. Especially the Monster Inc one. He's adorable <3
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    Exploring Scala ad Caelum out of bounds

    This is why I was so bitter when I found out that we couldn't explore it more. This place is gorgeous! Just look at all these little details they put into this place. I would pay for a game that let's me explore this place when it was still bustling with people. Maybe like a story of when...
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    About Sora's clothes during keyblade transformation

    After a week of finishing the game, I so far noticed 6 clothes change for Sora during Keyblade transformation. - Guardian Form - Drive(?) Form (the blue one with stars. Not sure what it's called so I went by the Funko figure name) - the red camouflage Form - the green Form - Rage Form - the...
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    Help with going back into the Labyrinth in Arendelle

    So I finished Arendelle's story and going back to get the Lucky Marks and Chests, but I'm stuck with trying to get the 2nd mark. It's in the first part of the Labyrinth, but I can't seem to get back there. I can only get back as far the ice bridge room that leads to the Lower floor. Is there any...
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    Favorite way to travel in the KH universe

    I don’t know if there’s a thread like this already or not, but I did try to search it. Didn’t find any so far. If there is one already then just post the link so we can connect to it. I did made a thread like this years ago when we were still using an older version of this forum, but it got...
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    Scanned Frootz Cat off my laptop screen!!!

    I don't know if this happened to anybody, but basically I was scanning my dream eaters AR cards, but I was having problems with getting Frootz Cat. The card wasn't working, so I was looking up on the internet on how to solve this problem. I was looking at a website about dream eaters AR cards...
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    KH days ch. 5 - 8 manga

    I just found KH358/2days ch. 5 -8 on Onemange! Kingdom Hearts - 358/2 Days Manga - Read Kingdom Hearts - 358/2 Days manga scans online. I'm so happy T^T It's been such a long time since it was updated.
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    When are the KH mangas coming out?

    I've been trying to find KH2 vol. 3, but why isn't it out in NA yet? Japan already has vol. 5. I have japanese scans of KH2 mangas up to ch. 37 and that was it. I thought that maybe Shiro Amano stopped drawing KH2 mangas to make KHdays mangas instead, but it's been along time since the last...
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    Which vehicles would you like to travel on?

    This is my first thread so here it goes. Out of the three TAV vehicles, which one do you like best or interests you? - Terra's looks similar to a motorcycle. - Aqua's looks kind of like water skiing (not very sure myself) and the handle is like a bow for shooting arrow. - Ven is like a...