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  • Hey Lissar,
    Have you got any idea when the next episode of Coded is released. I'm hooked on information about that game.
    lol.. i guess it's ilke a two sided job XDD either get advantage of being able to know more info, or getting spoiled
    i want to read the trailer thingy.. but then i really don't want to get spoiled ;__;
    i guess ill read it....
    damn! so many spoilers ;__;
    is.. the trailer thingy..[the one you translated just now] really really spoilish? .__.

    damn it pisses me off how spoily they're making everything!!

    you followed through FF13 trailers and info right? was it this spoiled? but was it still enjoyable? o:

    im sorry.. it must be really hard for you translators who have to translate the stuff, but don't want to get spoiled..huh? ;__;
    Need a favor from you its about name changes. Your able to change around minor lettering right.
    No problem! I'd love to talk to you more. :D And I'm sure you'll get a lot more members soon. :)
    Hi Lissar!
    I joined your FanClub and really admired how you translate things for KHI. I figure that it's about time I get to know you. :)
    Alright, thanks a lot. Nocturne says he's going to set up a Jump Festa thread, so if you find any new info out, please just post it in there.
    She means this twitter, not our twitter, lol.

    Person updating it appears to be at Jump Festa.
    Hey, Lissar. Nocturne and I were wondering if you could translate the latest news on FF Reunion? Nocturne says there's something about Axel on there. It's on the main page at the top.
    No problem! I figured that the members wouldn't bother browsing through the thread just to find the names out, so for convenience's sake, I just updated the OP. I also updated it a little while ago with credit to Final Fantasy Ring, where I got the article from, since it's only right. Guess it's useful speaking French, eh? It's my first language. :)
    Haha, then it's just him I guess, maybe he has an IRL friend he can get to tag along with him.
    do you go back to Japan regularly? or itll be your poor friend at TGS all alone xD
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