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  • It's nice to see a new member. Anyway, I'm Bladey's girlfriend. ^^ He usually calls me Kagy. Sometimes honey, baby, or sunshine. ^^;
    I have a day off from class. So I'll be doing stuff. Don't want you in the hot seat with the boss. So talk after your shift or hours are up.
    Well, its not the ONLY reason I want a job. I'm in a long distance relationship via this site, and I want to actually be there. ^^; I like games with good story too, but I also like games that are just fun. XD And I'm always willing to try new things. I hardly ever take reviews seriously, I like to make my own opinions on what I play or watch.
    Haha, you too? I must've watched that scene a million times, they really built up that moment between Yuna and Tidus perfectly. Some very good feels x) I'd say that scene, or the laughing scene were my two favorites, for sure the best scenes in the series.

    FFXV looks like it'll be worth the wait though, I really like the way they're going with the combat system. Personally I've always preferred to have total control over the character to the turn by turn.
    Oh cool. Things I won't ever wear lol. Well I hope you enjoy it. Ya know I'm working on a chapter of FFCCRoF right now.

    Aladdin - Friend Like Me [High Quality] - YouTube
    I know whatcha mean, usually I don't get into the games much, but the online is a pretty good way to kill some time now and then.

    It really is, FFX was the first game I ever played that really made me care about the story and characters, I actually cried at a couple of the parts the first time I played xP From what I can tell there's not a huge difference in the graphics, mostly it's just brighter, and a bit clearer, but it'd still be nice to have X and X2 on the same disk, plus there's the audiodrama, which might be interesting.
    I really can't wait for FFXHD. Wanna play as Tidus and Yuna again. Also wanna see sexy Rikku..Tara strong...You are a goddess.

    Er...I write fanfics here, would you care to read any?
    The occasional bit of GTA V, and I just finished KH 1.5 remix, other than that not particularly. Blah, I can't wait for FF10, I've been waiting for them to rerelease it for years, I was going to play the PS2 version, but they kept talking about it and making it sound like it'd be coming out soon, so I kept putting it off xP Hopefully this next year though. That and KH2 are the only games on my radar for now.
    Sword Art online and Fairy Tail, I had started Fairy Tail, then I saw Sword Art Online and got sidetracked, but I've only got a few more episodes before I'm done with it, and then I'll probably be into Fairy Tail again.

    How about video games?
    You shouldn't have to do that lol, at most you'll end up skipping a chapter or two because the anime done covered it.

    It's in La that's all I'm saying.

    Neku is alright. Beat, Shiki, and Rhyme are my faves. Josh can go die in a hole. Also Neku had better make Shiki happy.
    It get's better around episode 9, I think. I saw episode 14 first and that's what made me want to start watching it.

    I know the feeling, I've started watching more anime and movies than I've finished. Do you have any your working your way through right now?
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