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    Where do you get the Recipie for ultama?

    er.... how can twilight town be in Kingdom Hearts 1.....? Like TwilightMaster said you have to synthesize all the items in order to be able to synthesize the ultima weapon.
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    Dumb Alantica dance thing

    Didn't you read the instruction? You can find it in the "pause" during the musical. ----> what you have to do is press the right button in the yellow part.
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    KH2 Really Needed A Reaction Error System...

    well.... I don't really know if it's a spoiler but.... there's gonna be a button pressing time at the end of the game, but for one battle if I correctly remember....
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    I need help with Xaldin! PLZ!

    Yeah, I know what you are talking about..... What I did was: - use A LOT OF POTION - often reaction command (don't know if it's called like this... the triangle thing) - drive