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  • Well I guess we have something else in common :D and yeah I might hit you up with a PM when I have the time to. Feel free to send me one as well.
    Nice :D

    So as for myself I'm a Senior in highschool, I live in NJ (the armpit of america; lulz) just shy of the ocean, not terribly close but not too far away from it either. I'm the average joe and I'm quite the socialite during the day, most of the time I'm a hermit at home though. I used to draw but then I hit this block that's lasted for years now and I haven't picked up a sketching pencil in, hell months. But I moved into gaming shortly afterward since it was already a past time. I thought about Drama, but I'm just not ready to hit the stage; I'd either crack up, faint etc. I'm also somewhat of an anime guy, but I enjoy it to healthy levels ^_^ I joined a year ago but have been lurking since 06-07 then I decided to join. Haven't really been all that active, but it's hard to just up and leave the place >.> there's more but meh. Don't want to make more of a mess on your page (plus there are some things I'd like to discuss in private anyway).
    Yes, hopefully things will work out for the both of us.

    And I hate talking about myself xD you go first!
    That's always a good thing :D and I might seem to be somewhat of a social butterfly, looks are just deceiving (´;ω;`)
    Well hopefully things will look up for you, also good luck with school and everything. And thanks, hopefully things will work themselves out; doubt it though. Oh? I'm glad he's alright :D

    And nothing really new is going on here, just the same old same old. Only difference is my social life is a mess :x
    Well things have just went to shit yet again, so I see what you mean; not as serious as that though. I hope he'll be ok D; and thank you <3 it was just a simple crop to be honest.
    Oh really? O: ok I sure as hell can XD

    Yay :D

    Actually things have slightly brightened up since we last spoke to one another, but now I'm pretty much in the same boat as you. Though I'm not exactly handling it better then I had hoped @_@ and schools around the corner for me, not tomorrow but more or less a few weeks away..... what fun this will be.
    Sounds like a plan =D feel free to ask me some tips lol.

    And I guess you have a point there, I was just wary since I can pretty much talk people to death >_> at least I think so. Also on that note... not so good. It's really complicated. How are you on the other hand?
    :3 thanks glad you thought the same thing. Also thanks for the compliment. I had a somewhat different arrangement a while back but it doesn't beat out the one I currently have. It was easy to set up too; just had to toy around with it for a while xD and I've heard of you too, and you most definitely have to of seen me around. After all, I was Gavins replacement lol.


    Yes I have a lot to say :x sorry.
    You were promoted the same time I was and I never bothered talking to you.. not sure why. So I guess I'll just leave you a VM :3 toodles.
    ah i see thats good ^^ lol yeah college and stuff is starting up again really soon >.<
    i've been good, just really stressed about college bills and stuff
    Oh I see. Are you back or gone yet? lol. Oh I see, can't wait to see the new shop. Ooh now that name will should sound awesome and interesting. ^_^ Can't wait to see it.

    Ah I see. No Haku? :/ lol I mean it's fine but I liked Haku's work but we haven't talked that much since he's busy with college is what I'm assuming and other things, at least from when I tlaked to him. Oh so that's his name. lol he reminds me of a guy who used to go to my school when I saw one of his pics for the Hottest of The Hot Contest this year which you won. :D And Ryan=42? Yeah, I know who he is. lol. Okies.

    Oh and I sent you a PM for my request. :D
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