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    Oh gorgeous, gorgeous circumstance that you're interested <3
    Since you and Ashes Remnant are participating at the exact same time, he's your competition, officially for this round.

    Just get an abstract tag up within 3 days.
    if you can't somehow, just let me know ahead of time.

    best of luck to you, olivia <3
    OMG I loved Snape too although I didn't like him orignally but yeah, lol. And I love all that too. LOL I remember that scene and yes, I agree Professor Slughorn was perfect. OMG I love that scene with the twins too especially when Ron's like asking them how much the things cost at their shop and the twins keep replying, "5 Galleons." and then Ron says, "I'm your brother." and the twins say, "10 Galleons." Classic!

    Yeah, same here!

    Okay then. I'll probably PM you. Ooh cool. So are you still working with the same people just without Karen and are you gonna name the shop something else then?
    It's more winter than summer here, haha. But other than that, it's a pretty cool place.
    And veerrry different from America.
    Well that's good. :D

    OMG me too I mean aside from what they missed in the book and being a Harry/Ginny fan, disappointed at the kiss and how it was short in comparision to the books and all and the memory scenes were shortened and all but otherwise, I really liked it as well especially the Ron/Lavender/Hermione scenes, Quidditch scenes, Luna scenes, and definately the Felix Felicis especially when Harry says "Hi." OMG that made me laugh. So random and so not in character, just really funny! What scenes did you like?

    Oh that's good because I have a request! But how do you want me to request it and a shop as in a new shop right or reopening Karen's shop that was closed?
    I know right and it's fine. They stopped annoying me. XD

    Oh lol yeah, sorry I freaked you out. XD

    Anyway, yeah I know right? I would love to live in the 80s definately, I studied it for school and it has become of my favorite times in the past. The end of cold war and everything and the invention of the Rubiks cube, I shall think. Yeah. I know what you mean.

    What did you think of the movie and are you still willing to make sigs or um, take sig requests? Just wondering.
    Ey yo, darlin.
    I'm holding a GFX tournament in le Competition section.
    I'm aware that you still make tags to help people out. So I'm wondering if you'd be interested?

    It'd be great to have more people.
    you didn't happen to already post my sig somewhere did you? fine if you didn't I's just checking
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