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  • The instruction on how to do that is in the attachment. It's the document Read Me First. Every step is in there.
    Well, yeah. The new testament is the story of Hey-Zeus, and the old testament is everything else. I considered that basic knowledge even with people who've never read it...
    you misunderstood.......why in all those seven days, he only summoned the digital one? (not counting the area where he fought twilight thorn) but in the very last day he was able to summon the real one?

    think about it.
    the difference is that roxas didnt know how to summon it and sora and riku given to hi were to different occasions.

    for example, riku didn't know how to wield the keyblade either, but he was getting closer and closer. in COM he used wtD but only for a limitied time.

    Sora learned how to summon the keyblade in his first time.

    roxas? didnt know in anyway how to summon one. that's why ansem gave him a fake one. why is it fake? for the obvious reasons that it was digital.

    you never really answered why roxas was able to summon the real keyblade in the last day of data twilight town.
    the final proof i gave you was pretty straight forward...he didn't know how to summon the keyblade...so he was given a fake digital one every time he encountered a nobody. in those seven days, he kept using the virtual keyblade. but in the last day, he used the real one and he was still in data twilight town. that proves that the keyblade was not digitalized or whatever.

    tron's world, the keyblade summons like a normal. in data twilight town, sora still summons it like normal. both data worlds, but the keyblade summons like normal? the keyblade was not digitalized.
    there's adifference....Sora was given to him....he never summoned it. he learned quickly...

    again, it's not real....i have more evidence than you
    have you forgotten that roxas has no memory of the keyblade and dint know how to summon it during the time?

    that's why a virtual keyblade was given to him
    you do realize your guessing...and the tron world only proves that the keyblade roxas was using in data twilight town was fake.

    tell me, why did roxas' keyblade not digitalize in the last day in data twilight town? he was stilll data twilight town, yet it summoned normal...i think your just trying to cover up the proof...
    because the nobodies influtrated virtual twilight town and wanted to get roxas back. so atw made him a virtual keyblade.

    when he was dreaming in the station of serenity and awakening, then yes he was using the real keyblade, but the whole time he was conscious in virtual twilight town, he has been using the fake digital one
    i think that keyblade was fake...you see the keyblade in the fisst seeven days, and it looks all digital, but then he summons the real one on his last day
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