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  • There is no separate series. KH is Sora's story. And if he's not the main playable character, it's revoolved around someone who is directly connected to Sora.
    That thread has gotten so off-topic now, but the point he's getting at is that reminded them to use the spoiler tags and even showed Reconnect how to do them and yet, they still did it. You'd think that after not listening/ taking note and using the spoiler tags after being asked several times, the one trying to help's going to start losing their patience.

    Edit: I'm posting this here because the thread you're posting in is already way off-topic and I think it should be closed now, unless you guys/ gals can learn to get back on-topic.
    God can you not read? I had to tell reconnect twice to use spoiler tags and even showed him how and yet you neglect to even read anything I said. There are spoiler tags a for a reason. Not everyone has played Birth By Sleep. God, this is becoming retardedly repetitive.

    Just go edit your comment you made on it and put it in spoiler marks like I did in the quote, though I shouldn't have to keep telling you people this.
    Oh MAI you need some more of this on your page. SO IMMA GIVE IT TO YOU! *makes a post*
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