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  • Yosh.
    To be honest except Sephiroth.
    He is my first Secret Boss that I didnt need to help of my friends to beat it. Like When I try, I fail and give the controller to my friend, and he tries and wins. =_=;;. So YES. I feel accomplished :3
    Well, I do it later. Right now I am rendering it. xD
    NO damage I will probably be up within the next few days. Since It's gonna be EPIC :D
    The next 5 tries if I dont do it ND, than I am going to upload that one that got hit ONCE, and Keep recording till i do it ND, xD
    Well, I can't really remember. I remember getting KH1, never hearing about KH2, seeing a commercial for COM, and then one day thinking; "Gee, I wonder if KH2 is out?"

    So I got that, tried to fill in the blanks with Sora being in a pod and what not, (thats technically when I realized COM wasn't just a remake) and later on got RECOM when it was released here.
    That's kinda funny. You can't remember anything, just like other characters in the series (Sora when he came out of the pod, Xehanort when he was found by Ansem the Wise).

    Actually, when I first saw the commercial for COM, I thought it was a remake for the gameboy, and that's why I didn't get it. XD

    When I found out otherwise, RECOM was out, so I bought that.
    Yeah, I wouldn't count those.

    I have all the games that have come out here except original COM and 358/2 Days.
    Okay good. I'm glad I didn't scar you. haha

    I almost smacked myself when I read that again. I mean, in the very first sentence, I completely reveal the biggest BBS secret.
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