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  • Oh bonk you'll love this, so many uni jokes. Oh lord, the liberal arts joke.
    This is the girl behind the blog.
    You won't get any of the jokes I think. But. She makes me unf.
    KK my focus is on Batception but definitely something I want to do in the near-future.
    o_O wow I just noticed that the last time we talked is more-or-less 2 months after I last talked to Epif. Weeeeird. xD

    anywho, been way too long. :3

    how are ya man?
    Oh, and this last month we just had to move and its farther from everything. It sucks but I'll live.
    Oh no! I think you just revealed your true colors to me. Sexual predator! Haha. And oh. Hm, I don't know if that's surprising. It's sort of just an "oh" moment. How does that feel? Are you happy now? How did everyone take it?
    Zane! We need an easier place to chat or something. Haha. And coming out of what? My month has been stressful to say the least.
    The episode featuring her return compensates for that, somewhat; House has a potato gun, for starters.
    Guess what happened after I started to come back to KHInsider forums? My laptop's power cord decided to crap out on me...

    Yay public libraries~! x3
    I noticed in the "What Are You Reading?" thread that you've just recently finished The Great Gatsby.
    Perhaps you'd be interested in this little homage, then...?
    I'm okay just being my lazy self and on a Minecrafting splurge on Luap's [vondervul] server

    :3 I built my third house after departing my second and wanted a quick easy way to go from the main village (where everyone else built their houses well-distanced from each other) to my house. So after digging my stair-shafts, a corner shaft on level 16, and establishing my wheat and mushroom farms, I started building a subway that runs from a cave area I fixed up with lots of cobblestone, to perfectly inside the village-ish area. (after dying many times from drowning (built practically a mini Chunnel D:) and monsters, I proceeded to landscape. Long story short, I placed gravel around the dirt tunnel, to warn of water, and then started laying cobblestone and am now probably in phase 2 of my project after building a mine/house, a small hovel, and my general store of awesome.

    And a delicious bridge and near-finished lighthouse - just need more lava for the light since for me it's easier to get lava than fapping glowstone is (damn you ghasts).

    But that's me.. ;D

    If you have the money/time/enjoyment I do out of Minecraft, I'd honestly recommend buying it. Though try before you buy D:
    Google Translate helped me with Spanish the other day trololol

    Also Batception Template kicked me in the ass but I finally did it. [yey]

    XD your parents are as nutty as my dad is lol

    Hand-Puppets hee
    Chinese? XD My step-dad-dad thinks the US will eventually be speaking Mandarin.

    :( Jelly of you getting noes homeworks. I would write fucking papers and essays but fuck all on goddamn audio translations >:[

    Pretty much I live in Mississippi and Spanish is understandable. I already know a few necessary phrases and words - Google Translate helps if I was ever lost in Mexico.

    Tee Hee people call me Jubs because it's short for my old username :p -> Jub Jub376

    But j00 can call me JJ, I suppose. It's the nickname mum gave me when she named me after my biological dad. She claims she was too doped up to argue.

    Konichiwa Zane-sama ^^;
    Ugh I hate homework.

    Fuck homework

    Why is homework necessary when the job I want would literally require less actual energy than the homework.

    :( Spanish homework with audio is not fun.

    Not fun at all - spreakening so fast to where I can't tell what they're fucking saying -> I can understand Spanish but not when it's being spoken at a hundred bloody words a minute

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