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  • Sweet - I have Tuesdays off and Wednesdays free till the afternoon. In other news, surprise surprise, that whole techaug/genemod/AI RP will be called The Singularity.
    depends on what time you're thinking, if its say night or morning for you in like twelve hours it works for me, but after that not really

    don't worry about it man, i'll do it through PMs, less trouble overall
    holy fuck i love it

    and yeah, if msn is possible right now that'd be sweLLL
    Yeah hes pretty cool, even if he's busy with work and stuff -> he's gastroenterologist

    Though I'm sure you know what that is
    I was adopted last November, Social Security took forever to send in my new shit. Parents were married like four years ago lmao

    Yupp because you need fat to turn into muscle :D

    Yes I'm slightly insecure but for the most part I'm bouncy and cheerful (at least on the inside)

    Hazelnut :3

    Reminds me of the Swiss chocolate my dad brings back when he goes to visit his family in Hungary. Milk chocolate with hazelnuts and raisins inside x3
    Yes but I has very little visible muscles Q-Q

    I'm not fat just tapeworm skinny xD

    One of my friends used to joke that one day he'd hit me so hard that the tapeworm would fly out of my stomach and zip through the air for like 30 feet.

    Q.Q I just live in my own little world half the time, and then I look into the mirror and "Fuuuuuu-"


    I have ADD, I swear I do.

    Goddamn I love science.

    Can you get on MSN or Skype or something IM when you have the chance and I'm online? I'm hoping to puzzle through some more stuff about the Vanguard species.
    Instead of copypaste I'll just link.

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    true. alright i got 7 pages left to do in 6 days. gotta read the other half of my book and do vocab as well

    *Dante from DMC3 voice* LET'S ROCK!

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