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Lord of Chaos
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  • Really? I tried the WoW demo and it worked fine so I have slight hope though ol' Bessy was younger then
    Probably but going by the potential character's personality, I don't think that'll be necessary. Never know, though, so yeah.

    I wish, it looks very well-made. Sadly, think my computer won't be able to handle it.
    University and high school chem classes = rp knowledge to screw everyone over obvs
    well this is strange. im looking at the conversation and it seems that my second message never got through. and here i thought you forgot about me! lol/ so i pretty much need to learn the basics of RPing, and i would like some help creating a character.
    Eh, I feel ya. I was like "Oh great...manifest battle from human understanding."

    Dunno what I'm gonna do for this yet. Keep me posted eh??
    Hi there. Got two questions about the tournament battle: Are two co-drivers allowed? And can I have one non-vehicular weapon, like a driver's gun?
    Hello! :3

    I just have a minor inquiry about something I'd like to incorporate with my character Red -Little Red Riding Hood- and Her story and background in your Roleplay. Basically, the main elements of the story will stay the same i.e. The Grandmother, The Big Bad Wolf, The Mother, The Hunter, etc. But I'd like to give every element of those a different aspect and meaning. Simply the story will take a twist to a more darker and different aspect, something that builds on the depth to the reader's point of view and make use of the Steam-punk nature of the setting :3.

    Is it okay if I stray away from the usual nature of the widely known tale, or would that present a bit of a problem ^ ^ ?

    P.S. I'm not sure if you have seen it yet, but I have officially asked for your mentor ship in the Roleplaying Academy thread :3. I'm hoping you would still be able to mentor me if you have an available spot for one more student and the space of time to help me out ^ ^''. I'd be very grateful :3. Thanks.
    Dream. Morpheaus, The Sandman whatever you want to call him. The reason behind every story is a dream, no? Though not a god, he is a patron of writers and poets. He's existed since the dawn of, well, existence. He's appeared in many stories too, usually putting people to sleep with a little bit of sand.
    Would an anthropomorphic personification of Dream be acceptable for your new RP?
    hi lord of chaos, i requested you in the roleplaying academy as a mentor, and when you didnt answer, someone suggested i should VM you as your more likely to notice it, which i feel very stupid for not doing earlier, lol. so will you be my mentor?
    Try to avoid making a battle or setting tha favours sci-fi, because that gives LLL a definite advantage. Not particularly sure what genre Piercing Light has his strength in. Mind you, he enjoys some Halo stuff too, so it might be good to throw some soft sci-fi their way for a fight.
    Just to provide an update on the assignment you gave me, I've currently got my list as expansive as I can get it; but genius me saved it all onto flash drive which I then proceeded to leave somewhere in my school's library. I'd imagine that it'll still be there. Either way, I hope to have it to you tomorrow, or Sunday at the latest.
    So like I looked at it and the stock is epic fail for me is there another possible stock you might want used??
    Hey, I found some pictures of your Kuro guy for your request in Cherry Blossom studio. Or at least I hope so, go check them out.
    i have an arena idea, here it is.
    nexus citidel : a castle floating within the area between two universes, it is home to an mysterious order known only as the guardians
    appearence: ( like this but gold and redhttp://farm4.static.flickr.com/3478/...a29e14468a.jpg)

    and maybe for a bit of a challenge the combatants could be fighting off the gaurdians and fighting each other (like how roxas and riku fought off the heartless before facing off themselves)
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