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  • Yep. So happy! I need to figure out what's wrong with the in between KHI and my email, but I'm back on this one. I was surprised by how much the idea of creating a new account didn't sit well. It was actually rather traumatizing! XD
    Thanks! I'll look up the website again later for it! =D Most likely, because I fell in love with the movie and the soundtrack for it!

    It's good to hear you're doing well and college is going okay so far for you.

    Pinning ideas down is smart. You won't forget any of it that way. =D I wish I could do that, but having incomplete scraps of stuff tend to drive me crazy. I believe it was Excalibur, yeah!

    You're welcome! Sorry you had to panic that day about it.

    It's going okay, slightly frustrating at times. Mostly helps that I have three months left before I find out how I do. ^^" The movie was spectacular! It had really good scenes and some hilarious ones. The main thing is that it's graphic in fight scenes; although it was cool. If you're not squeamish at all, you should do fine and would be able to enjoy it. The ending scene before the final scene is something you'd have to judge for yourself, cause I couldn't bring myself to watch it. xD So yeah! Go see it if you can! I'd see it again for how awesome and badass it was!

    Okay, I'll do my best not to worry too much about it.
    Hiya Lunar!

    Where do you find Madoka Magica for 40 dollars at? :3 Think you'll be buying Rebellion eventually?

    Still doing good? College classes going well? Think you'll update some more of your fanficton at all? =3 [I still remember the story you first showed me about Tim/Timmy getting that sword. I was wondering if you ever finished that or not? It was still flipping awesome, and kind of amazes me that I still remember it to this day. xD] And one last thing, you never have to apologize for posting somewhere by mistake in the creative writing section. We're friends after all, Silly. =D

    As for myself, I've been studying a lot of math for most of Jan thru Feb. So it's keeping me busy until May. Outside of that, I got to see the Kingsman movie recently. Not much else new, other then reading tons of books and doing chores among other things. Also wishing it were summer right now too. And thank you for asking how I was, even though it was a month ago. (My bad on that. xD)
    It's cleared out. If you did, can you please resend it? I accidentally deleted it when I was clearing out my inbox.
    Hey Lunar! Oh my gosh, are you serious? I hope the dub isn't being sold for a ridiculous amount of money, because I'd love to own it! =D How've you been btw? How's your school life going? Anything else new with you lately?
    Hey, just wanted to say thanks for the compliment on my fics! :D Glad to hear you've enjoyed them.
    Lol, a day later. xD But Merry Christmas to you, Lunar!

    Well, I finally beat Marluixa, Zexion, and Larxene yesterday. :D But Vexen is my worst nightmare right now. T_T I mean, whenever my MP is gone and my HP is in danger, I go into either Master or Limit. Instead, I got Ant-Form. :/ It sucks! *sigh* I suppose the only way to beat him is to get Final Form since it has a higher chance of using Firega greatly in that form. ^_^

    So, how are you?
    Really? Actually, both KH2FM and BBSFM both have items to unlock by collecting stuff, so it makes sense to get them all. ^_^

    As for the bosses, I'll try to complete them one at a time. Sure, it'll be painful losing time after time, but once you get the pattern in and get used to it, you'll have a good chance at finishing it.

    I'm doing pretty good; just checking around my stuff before doing my house chores (blech!! D:) then trying to beat Marluixa.. I swear, I nearly had him, not if it wasn't for me goofing it up! :/ This time will be my time to shine! >:D
    Thanks for the tips! :D And it's a funny thing that when it comes to leveling Forms up, I end up using Timeless River for Valor, Wisdom, Limit, and Summon while for Master Form, I usually go to The Land of Dragons because of the horsemen popping in and dropping tons of Orbs. xD

    Of course, Final Form is the only Form I need and it's taking me a while to reach it because I'm aiming to face all of the Absent Silhouettes before facing the second battle of Xemnas. ^_^ Plus, I'd like to complete all of the Stickers, Missions and whatnot since I'm an achiever at heart when it comes to gaming. xD

    So, how are you doing and did we add each other? If not, let's be friends! :D
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