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    After BBS

    God I hope not. KH is just trying to stay alive right now. Lets hope they run out of ideas, cause some of them are getting worse. And I don't see anything knew about to happen. We already know mostly everything.
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    Since Disney JUST bought Marvel...you know creators of Spiderman, Ultraviolet, Superman...etc... I bet that if KH keeps going, we're going to be seeing some super SUPER Heroes... Your thoughts.
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    BBS Characters Ages?

    Yeah Terra 19 - 22 Aqua 17 - 19 Ven - ??? Not sure
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    Future gaming systems

    Does anyone else find it slightly annoying that all 3 new KH games are for different systems? Ones for Mobile Phone Another for PSP And another for DS. I find that annoying, and my Business Teacher said its unfair. XD
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    the gameplay of bbs

    That is so cool XD Im gonna play as Aqua first, then Ven and Terra, cause I dont know..
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    Boss conclusion in BBS.

    You pretty much summed that up didnt ya? XD good job, reps~
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    Boss conclusion in BBS.

    Indeed we shall, but how? 8D
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    Boss conclusion in BBS.

    When you put it that way, that makes me feel better XD Thanks again.
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    Boss conclusion in BBS.

    Phew, thanks for that D: I was unsure anyways, thanks man~
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    Boss conclusion in BBS.

    We've all probably seen the video of Terra holding Ven, protecting him from the old man who looks like Xehanort. Well I know a boss thread about BBS has been made, but mine is a little different. For me, I think a boss will be the guy who looks like Xehanort, and his Nobody in the heartless...
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    Xemnas's deplete, and other questions.

    So we found out in the game 358/2 days, we see Organization members "killing" heartless. And the Org XIII said that any heartless slain with the Keyblade releases a heart which goes up, and soon gets added to Xemnas's Kingdom Hearts. And in KH CoM, and KH Re: CoM, when Sora is sleeping, I take...
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    Nobody gender D:

    I dont know where this should go XD But anyway..we all know that people who give into darkness create a nobody? Well..okay so if your a guy you have a guy nobody, and a girl has a girl nobody....what if that person got a sex change? LMAO. What would there nobody be?
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    Aquas confusion

    Everyone thoughts and opinions im taking into thought. Thanks guys.
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    Aquas confusion

    I wanna double post D: Your theories are plausible.
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    Aquas confusion

    I know right? D8 ...this sucks