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  • Yay!!!!
    Guess what today at lunch my table brought dishes to pass like a potluck and I took the 2-liter pepsi that wasn't even half gone and I've been drinking it ever since.
    I'm not going to try and figure it out anymore. I don't care all that much, from now on you will live somewhere where there's gators.
    I'm not a stalker and even if you did live in Florida, I live in Illinois so it'd be hard to stalk really, and I had to guess Florida since you were talking about gators.
    Glad you made it back alive, did you have a run in with panthers?
    download project 64 from this site
    then google n64 roms, and find a website to download roms (roms are the games), look for majoras mask, (they also have oot master quest) download, open up project 64, open the rom file, play

    i kinda rushed instructions, but if you need any more help, you could just ask me XD
    oh i barely noticed you put mj...lol....oh well, hopefully they put it out for the wii, if you wanted to, you could emulate the game on your computer for free...
    I bought that collectors zelda game for gamecube that had the first 2 zeldas, and oot and mm, plus i have the original n64 versions of oot and mm, plus I bought oot on the wii, so i have that game like 3 times...lol
    thats quite alright, lol, majoras mask is cool, you should play that one when you get the chance, I haven't played links awakening or zelda 2, thats it...XD
    hey no prob, after all, zelda is tied with final fantasy as my video game series
    Fairy Tail's about magic and wizards; Soul Eater's about technicians and weapons collecting souls of humans.
    XD;; You like Shojo I see...

    I read more Shonen manga, like One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Soul Eater, Fairy Tail, ect.
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