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Madam Lyssa
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  • Got in deep with who? D: If their name isn't on the community leaders list, then they're not a mod.
    I'm sorry you got treated like something that came from a butt :(
    I like playing the wii too, and PS2, and the internet...but I don't have a myspace or facebook. Never plan on it either.
    Other than that I like to draw and all that other stuff it says in my "about me" section.
    I see the wolf now like she's kinda looking up to the corner...
    As for whatever they were twirling it was too blury to tell if they were sabres or rifles. So it remains a mystery!
    You know it is actually reassuring to know you painted your face for the 'flood' routine because before I just thought you just randomly painted your face blue.
    I actually knew that song, I heard it once on the radio but couldn't remember what it was called.
    I have a charming personality? o_O - I love that face, it's my favorite to make.
    I can't really tell it's a wolf, where's the head?
    That flag routine was pretty cool. You were the one in the back running that giant blue flood right, is that what your blue smurf picture is from?
    What were those thick tube lookin things they were twirling?
    So you twirl the flags? That sounds fun!
    Lawl...Cromson Face XD
    Thanks for the love award *pretends to be hugged, HUGS* Lol
    I'm sorry you got 4th *pat pats*
    what's wntrgrd?
    How many points are possibly given to a word?
    Oh yeah...CS is Apollo now right? He requested to be friends with me to, I wonder why.
    Fair enough, it's none of my business. I could guess what it might be though. Manage to make any other new frienemies lately?
    That's nice I'm glad you were able to make up. My sister plays the oboe and I used to play the violin back in grade school but quit after we moved. What did he admit to you if you don't mind me asking?
    I don't like instruments. Is that bad?

    I used to take lessons for the violin, but I quit, It was too tedious and the sound was awful.
    Eh. Not really, I'm on the fence. You have proved you're not a moron, but just posted like one. I still don't completely know yet. So if you're going to repley, pm me instead. I must admit somthing you're really......
    I like random bands, but I normally stick around this type: Classical(Bach, Mozart, and etc.), 60's 70's 80's 90's rock, and some current rock. Any other questions?
    Violin, Baritone, Trumpet, Guitar, and piano, I love music,I also sing choir. You can find other info on my by flipping around on my profile page.
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