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  • Whoawhoawhoa that's an extreme reaction, Mina von Karma.

    I was just pointing it out. :p

    But yeah, you could say I go there. A lot. Far more than I probably should. :p

    *HUGS* How are you? What ya up too?

    I'm going to see The new Myakui flim soon!

    Also I'm in a socal class and in therpy with a good shirnk also I'm gonna fix my anger problem soon.

    Also how's the family? I se you and Mirby are talking.
    At Least You Don't Capitalize Every Single Word In Every Single Sentence As If It's A Headline Or Something....

    Or EvEn WoRsE, tHe AlTeRnAtE cApItAlIzAtIoN... D:
    Oh, interesting! You seem like a pretty diverse person. Which is a good thing :)

    I'm just heterosexual, but I suppose it's a popular philosophy.
    Hmm, seems like a strange experience. Oh well haha

    Well thank you! It just sort of annoys me when people are "hooking up" with like 7 people a year. Even if I only dated one person, it probably wouldn't last long at this age. I'd rather wait for her and have her wait for me until we're old enough to actually make something out of it. But that's just my way of thinking lol
    It's exhausting. ;~;

    I'm sorry, but those are what again? I'm not sure why there's a question mark there... :p
    What kind of cult?

    I didn't really want to get anything.

    And I'm not worried about that all. I'm 15, I don't need to be dating lol
    Just listening to this video.

    Taking care of a few things, thinking about how busy my schedule just got for work.
    Hehe, sounds good to me. :3

    How are you doing tonight aside from all that?
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