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  • I'm not expecting to! Our school is doing a Valentines program, and students can buy some for others. They come in four levels.

    -Undying love
    -I think you're cute teehee
    -Friends forever
    -Forever alone
    are you saying that we should get dangerous? ;P

    But yeah, that's just not cool. I got my GBA stolen with 4 games once at school. One of them turned up at a friend's house (friend wasn't in my class, knew it wasn't him). Friend told me who did it (he was in the class, so I know it was him). Never got him to admit it though. :(
    Yeah it is.

    Ah, that sucks. With all the hate that game gets, I'm surprised someone did that. :p

    He's borrowing some other games too, and is currently hooked on Days.
    Well I hope you find an actual job. I was lucky and someone bought me my 3DS. Completely out of the blue too. :3

    But yeah, my friend's borrowing my DS, so I'll need to get it from him for Mewtwo.
    Going pretty well! Got a 3DS so I've been playin' a lot of online Mario Kart 7. :3
    Pretty good. Friends just left after playing a rigorous session of Dokapon Kingdom (think reallllly really cute chibi Risk). Such a fun game. :3
    Nothing comes to mind--but I'm in need of some sleep, at the moment.
    (I'll be logging off shortly.)
    I'll watch the first part tomorrow, time permitting.

    Thank you; I've been wanting to create an RP like it for some time.
    Rehearsals haven't left me with much online time--and I'm still stretched between roleplays.
    I promise that I'll make time for it, though.
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