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  • Um, okay? o-o

    Lol I noticed! The years have been kind to Ienzo~ 8D
    You're like the sixth person who has asked me this. What is it about gay Lovecraftian aliens that sparks everyone's interest? x'D
    It's called Nyarko-san: Another Crawling Chaos. It's honestly not that great. I just love that it's a comedy that has queer characters and doesn't make a big deal out of it.
    maggosh! Even though it was a while ago, I want to congratulate you for reaching the maximum points in the Kingdom Hearts Campaign site. It really sucks the prizes don't ship outside of Japan. ;_; I see you very often on the KH wiki along with Erry. I thought I'd say hi.
    You're making me feel bad, now :c

    Well I know the admins and mods on the site do a good job to keep all of the information accurate and true, but again there are still those people that go in and edit stuff or get ahead of themselves and post inaccurate information for other sources.

    (haha, just saying I use the KH wiki for all of my game information when i don't remember a fact)
    I didn't mean it in a mean way. XD it's just wiki's are all user edited so they aren't reliable as sources of news. I see you everywhere on KH Wiki xD
    Private message? I don't want to do anything that I shouldn't, but if the higher-ups say it's okay, I'll do it.
    Hey maggosh! I thought you'd might appreciate a transparent version of your avatar so I went ahead and made you one!

    Save it to your images, and reupload with this one. It will look a lot smoother on the Clown College skin.
    Enjoy :cool:
    Alright, am I being trolled here? Because, if so, I would appreciate it if you would stop. If you have something to actually say, by all means, do so.
    Merry X-mas!!!!!!!! If you were a Marvel superhero, i would dub you- *Looks at KHFW....* Nathan-X and you're catch-phrase would be "Fan-On!"
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