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  • Pokemon forever!! :D Yeah I'm not sure but I promise to talk to ya when i'm on next! So if not tomorrow, should be the day after :) (well, according to my time-zone anyway)
    *jumps up and down* I get to be a bond girl at last! You won't regret it! XD They did?! My poor Pickachu, well at least I've got avatar Pickachu *sigh*. Wow, that's pretty impressive! Definitely a PokeGeek lol.

    And it looks like my time is up again, I'm not sure if I'll be on again tomorrow though :(
    Yay! Does this mean I get to be a bond girl? XD Your room sounds cool! I used to have a giant stuffed Pickachu in mine, but I think it went off to cuddly toy heaven......well, that's what my parents said lol.
    If you need any help with the wheelchair hunt, let me know, i'd be happy to help! XD And anything Pickachu related is ,of course, epic; hence it appropriateness as my avatar lol. I think anyone who see's your profile now are just gonna be blinded with cuteness! (hopefully not permanently, I don't wanna be sued!)
    Lol Oh my god yes!! I believe they never found his rocket booster wheelchair, lost somewhere being played with by an unsuspecting child no doubt. XD
    Yes there was for once! Lol Your right, certainly not for them and that's including a guy of about 80; Who said old people were boring eh? XD
    Nah it stopped a while back, but they're still prosecuting rioters cause there was so many lol
    Well it was the worst riot's we had in years, went on for almost a week in and around London. It started 'cause a guy who was part of a gang got shot by police and died, then that gang started a riot in their area in revenge for his death (supposedly) and it spread through facebook, twitter etc. Thats when it escalated as a load more gangs got in on the act elsewhere and looted and set fire to pretty much anything they could. Became pretty pointless really.
    Oh yeah definitely, I've always been here too. Although that I do live in a nice part, I would still add on the economics, population and crime rate to the mix, they're not that great over here either. I assume you heard of our riots a while back?
    Now that is somewhere I've heard! lol and yep, patriotic, gloomy old north London but I wouldn't have it any other way.....well maybe a little XD
    Haha yeah just a bit XD But then I think Americans tend to stereotype us Brits, I mean, yeah I s'pose our weather is a bit dull, but almost anything is when compared to your weather and I don't even like tea!
    Just like here then, only the other way round. My other friend luna is from the south, she says she not stereotypical at all though. So no "gone with the wind" jokes XD
    Haha thats true, everywhere you click there's an american; can't get rid of ya! XD But they do differ by which part they're from and who knows? I may of actually heard of it.
    I'm happy to be that person lol. Yeah i've seen a few like from Germany and Sweden but so far, no Brits; although I think that makes me kinda, whats the word? Exotic XD
    Nope, I'm British (tea, rain, the queen etc) and live in north London. Looks like almost everyone is american on here, I guess that makes me a little fish in a very big (american) pond *sigh*......
    Haha my cute little pickachu :3 with which I can see filling your board with yellowy cheek rubbing lovelyness btw XD

    And again with my curiosity, where you from? America?
    Oooh so that's why I didn't recognise it, but I like it! :D I think mine's fairly obvious though XD
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