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    Ok, heres what I do.
    1. Turn on PS2
    2. Open disk tray
    3. Insert the DVD ROM Driver disk/ DVD version, NOT the CD ROM Driver/ CD version
    4. Close disk tray
    5. When the main menu loads, insert the slide card, and slide the little white nub that the hook hooks onto to the right, put not to hard, or youll break it.
    6. Pull out the slide card, which will pull the disk tray with it, and insert the foriegn game into the disk tray.
    7. Push the disk tray back into the PS2, but DO NOT PUSH THE BUTTON TO SLIDE THE DISK TRAY BACK IN.
    8. Insert the slide card back into the PS2, hook it back up to the white nub, and slide it back into it original position, to the left.
    9. Press the X button on Load Program to start the game

    There you go :)
    Like, when you said it almost broke your disk tray, is that because you were trying to practice with the swap magic?
    Did you figure out how to take of the first little bar part on the disk tray? And have you already got the game up and running?
    No, theyll both work. I wonder what the difference is between the original and the Ultimate Hits? Did you buy the swap magic and slide card?
    Yeah, I use the Swap Magic 3, version 3.6, with the Magic SLide, but to play, which kind of PS2 do you have?
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