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  • Oh dun worry, I'll have up the first two chapters, hopefully, by tomorrow and I'll send it to you along with other details to, hopefully, get everything clear ^^
    Um. I don't really know the difference between all of that, I suppose whichever would look good and whatever is your fancy?
    Hey there! Sorry to barge in out of nowhere but I'm just here to say that I updated my last post in the character design thread with the inked version of Ophan's last design for Linnea. So basically it's ready to get some colors n.n
    Not sure if you would be interested, but I am writing a story between Daring Do and The Mysterious Mare Do Well. In case you want to read it.
    Like how you took years to reply to me? :p lol
    Or I think a whole section got moved so the posts count. They explained it awhile ago, but I forgot. Though, yeah. That too!
    Haha nerd... <3

    Why not sell those to help you get a 3DS? :O

    Go to sleep. Jeez. xD
    Something in the rp section got moved or added. So lots of people got jumped up in posts. If you spent a lot of time in there, then probably you would have gotten posts. ^^
    It's true, though! You know it is. :p
    Then, I don't know what you are complaining about then. xD

    You won't. Don't get it if KH is the only game you are going to play, though. x_x

    You did. Stalker... lol
    It also looks like I had more posts than you did, then you have more now! Needs to post more! >W<
    I got bored of it, and decided to destroy it. No one talks to me anymore... ;W; At least on FB, you can always revive it if you so please!
    Probably needs the payed version.

    I'm boring so I got a Black one. I heard they are releasing a purple one. I am jelly. :c
    Oh, so you will be on more?! That's wonderful news! :DDD
    Especially more so because I had no way to talk to you, unless I revived my FB again, which I don't want to! >_>
    Really? What version is it?

    Don't hate me, but yes. I do have one! >:D
    On here though, it looks better! Haha, you coming on more or something? I don't see you online much.
    I heard that game is addicting. You better not get too addicted too fast! >:3

    Lol, jealous! Do you have a 3DS yet?
    Thanks for the rep! I gave you some because green is better than grey, yes? Plus you posted in my fc. So sweet! <3

    Whaaaaaat, really? How are you enjoying it so far? Nothing. Waiting for KH3D! >W<
    Jo??? Where are you?! You need to come on! D:

    I miss you! Whenever you get this, I hope you come along to spam my FC. ;D
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