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  • Matt I have a feeling willl see each other again somewhere here. So I'm not going to say bye, but I will say later man.
    dude I'm a over wight(300 pounds) shy ugly bastard and I still had a girlfriend dude you can do it just open your heart to girls and take it slow wake up every morning saying im gonna talk to a girl I don't know and at least try to get to know her.all you need to do is go up and introduce youself and see how she reacts and don't be afraid of rejection if they don't want to get to know you move on to another she's no better then you.hey man if I can do it believe me you can to.
    well are all your relationships are online? well just do your self a favor and stop man you should go out and enjoy getting close to girls.It is easier on the internet but it just dosnt't last for long. plus I could never do that I like kissing and hugging way to much(and other stuff).LOL
    WOW 4 months I mean wow but you got to understand that online relationship are not the way to go man you should find a girl in your school or something somebody you can hug or kiss.she probaly loves you too man but it's not healthy or like I said your divided by a screen.so are you willing to go all the way to her town or whatever?
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