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    Why Didn't Kairi take the Exam?

    I would love to see this explored at the beginning of KH3. I am very curious as to what training she will receive from Yen Sid and Merlin and how that will incorperate into our experience playing the game. I am hoping she is playable throughout the game, perhaps with said training leading to a...
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    I think I might be the only one who plays the original kh2 and not the 2.5 remix

    Up until I bought 1.5/2.5, I would crack out the PS2 on occasion, but see no need now that I have all of them on one disk. Not to mention that the added bonuses that come with Final Mix such as extra difficulty and the Garden of Assemblage being highlights of mine.
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    It's been awhile..

    Not too sure anybody who I used to know in the 10 and a half years I've been registered here are still around, but I just got KH 1.5-2.5 collection on PS4 and remembered. Good memories, nice to see the site sticking to it's good and fun roots. I'll be around to check out the KH3 discussions...
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    Help/Support ► I Hate the Holidays

    I wouldn't say I was being profound because it's not really that kind of topic - they asked and they got my opinion based on what I've experienced.
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    Help/Support ► I Hate the Holidays

    You'd be surprised at just how many people dislike the holidays these days, especially the older generation. It seems that it has become more of a financial burden rather then a time for family and giving. I spent the previous two years away from my family and my home because I was at university...
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    What music remasters are you looking forward to?

    Definitely Lazy Afternoons is my number one. However, I'd also say I'm interested to hear what they do to Sinister Shadows because the 1000 heartless battle is just epic and it needs even better music to accompany it.
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    Which are you more excited for?

    Kingdom Hearts 2 has always been my favourite of the series, even now and so with the additional content and being able to fight the Org data battles as well as the two becomes one keyblade well, yeah I'm pretty much over the top with excitement. However, playing BBS on PS3 with trophy support...
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    KH2.5 cover question

    I kind of like this as long as they take advantage of the white space and such and make certain things bigger and such. However, I guess I only like it because I'm forever wanting to find out what it will actually look like and have grasped onto this.
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    How did you fall in love with Kingdom Hearts?

    I was handed a game that involved some Disney Characters which turned out to be COM on GBA. I played this and then I bought the first one. After that I was kind of hooked but it was Kingdom Hearts II that really did it for me. I think probably the song Passion or in my case, Sanctuary played a...
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    Help/Support ► Grief

    Sigh. I appreciate your comments and will take on board everything you said, however on the 1st, my grandma passed away. It's just one thing after another to be honest. Like I said though, you've got to keep all smiles I guess and just be there for the ones that are there for me, my family.
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    Naminé Explained

    Kudos for making up a series as you go along! Haha.
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    Help/Support ► Grief

    It'll be six years in November since my Mum died of kidney cancer and I for one don't feel like I'm making any progress when it comes to grief, let alone the rest of my family. From the countless counselling sessions, the battle with depression - which I think I beat - and the many nightmares...
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    White in COM/RECOM

    I was quite a big fan actually, thought it was a change and well really beautiful actually.
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    Naminé Explained

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    What would you change about KH2?

    Agreed, final form and even master form is a jailbreaker.