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  • Well Marx, I've been out for a little while. But rest assured I'll be back in top form as soon as I am able. But just because I haven't been posting pics. doesn't mean I haven't been working. For example, I went ahead and ripped some of the textures from models in BBS, and tried my hand at modding... it turned out something like this.

    The purpose of this is to better understand the texturing process of a Kingdom Hearts model. And from my practice, what I've discovered is that Square-Enix are masters of optimization. So I've been remodeling everything to fit under 5000 polygons. But since I'm still recovering, nothing has been going smoothly...I have a few sketches though, maybe I'll post after I have another FF character drawn...
    By the way, have we done a head count of how many Final Fantasy characters we're going to have? The number's have to be in the double digits by now...Lets see Angeal, Seymour, Vaan, Kain, Rydia,Team Avalanch, Steiner, Lighning, Cecil....
    And forgive me for neglecting your scripts. I'd like very much to give them my undivided attention while reading, but I'll need to move some other things out of the way first in order to do so.
    again, please forgive me~ T-T
    Hey man, finished the enemies you thought of (yin and yang). I hope I did a good job, now I'm gonna get some sleep and I'll post the designs tomorrow so be sure to check it out and comment what's good and what's not! n.n

    I recommend playing the original first then Duodecim. And Dissidia's story is longer than Duodecim's, plus the gameplay is very, very different.
    Gamestop.com - Buy Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable - Sony PSP

    That's the link to the copy for future references. :]
    The pre-owned copy is abot approx. five dollars less.
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