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  • miao!
    The games are THAT rare and expensive?? wow, this makes me really curious. I should really google more specific info about them, then. And also thanks for recommending the anime! I'd love to watch them. To be honest, I first -first- heard of the .hack series because I saw a promotional image of an anime with .hack, but forgot the actual title.

    I am so glad you basically have Undertale available to play ; w ; I think you'd like the experience this rather short but incredibly beautiful game has to offer. If you get to play it, don't hesitate to share your progress with me <3 <3 <3 or if you'll ever need help with something, just tell and I'll be your spoiler-free guide, heheh
    Ah, yes. good luck with your workout, and be careful :]
    How is the .hack series? I saw the KHI thread about it is active recently, but I don't really know anything about it! D:
    Oh, but he's not an enemy at all... in the route where you fight him, YOU are the enemy... and truly a horrible person... Knowing that, after defeating him, nothing can stop what is gonna happen next (the worst ending possible with some even ...greater consequences), AND that such a funny, nice big bro who WARNED you is dead because of you, AND the fact that he's my favourite character, all of this together only tear my heart apart... yet my gamer "soul" wants to master this difficult boss fight! and I mean DIFFICULT... the game codes keep the count, I lost to him 184 times and won 3 times... The battle is pure adrenaline, but the result of a win is killing my heart simultaneously
    Meow~~~ u w u
    strange day, many things got delayed and there was nothing I could do about it. I don't like this! It also didnt depend on me... but I still feel bad about it
    another thing I feel bad about is defeating Sans a third time... GOSH is his battle hard................ but..... before finishing the fight, I let him sleep for 3 hours... yeah, kept the game open, with just him, sleeping... (changed my avatar too, I had to make another small gif with him sleeping peacefully)...
    how about ya?
    Miao! >:'3

    everything going well, had good constructive discussions with two teachers about a comic book I wanna make, had lots of laughs and nice talks at philosophy, finally met with art classmates a bit (I don't really had the time to hang out..), dynamic life, I guess xD
    howaboutcha? u w u and did the server get fixed?
    That's great to hear~
    on my side, I got a lot going on here, a lot of interactions with new folks at the philosophy uni, since really a LOT of 1st year students had the initiative to create a philosophic discussion & text analysis circle or, em, club? and so far I've been to the first two of their meetings, together with some Master level students, and everybody together with a few teachers really make the atmosphere superb. Think about the image of me bringing and making coffee for, like, 10 coffee-lovers and other 10 non-coffee-drinkers people passionately discussing till almost 8 p.m.
    It feels splendid to me, I never experienced such a thing ; w ;

    And that cyber attack sounds nasty, hope they'll deal with it quickly so that you can be a glad white mage instead of a sad white mage!
    Hey there, it's ok, you know how I just stop by here on the forums and am not always the quicker responder either xD
    I hope there won't be any problems, and definitely keep an eye on it D:

    how have you been, besides medically? xD
    Sorry for the late reply! Sunday ended up pretty busy, I was at an art exhibition + art performance with a friend, ended up discussing all kinds of stuff till late in the park, good moments...
    That's was basically it, and I already feel guilty for wasting time again
    the guilt will eat my soul one day xD
    ....though I hope not
    everything goin' alright there? ^^

    Good that it was just that, your body should recover from that pretty much naturally, right? I'm glad the solution is this simple, so it's not a bigger problem after all ^^
    Schedule gets busier and busier, but still I love it. I simply can't help but feel ridiculously good studying Aristotle and analysing his works word by word through different translations, the teacher who has this course with the Master class (heheh, yeah we license-level students can sneak in and contribute too~) is amazing, the discussions bring me to life xD
    but then again I have to clean the apartment and cook and that is completely different from the intellectual delight I have doing other things q _ q
    So good to hear the problem is basically solved, now only to treat the cold. Go away sickness! Go away!! > ^ < Leave my friend alone!!
    Meow meow~~~~
    Everything pretty fine, gettin' busier and busier and internal scream at the list of all books I gotta read intensifies xD
    been meeting a lot of people lately, it's just two weeks and I. met. with. too. many! I believe you understand how I now want some me-time but the weekend is almost over as well and today I also meet a friend ; w ; I want to meet them, but I slowly start stressing as well x w x
    how have ya been? ♥
    That's good. I'm sorry you have high blood pressure. I can't imagine that being any fun. :( Been up to anything in particular lately?
    Hi! How're you doing? :)

    Yeah, I was gone for a little while back around August and September. Isn't the IRC dead? ouo I haven't touched that in probably over a year. I didn't think anyone went there anymore. I see, so you're on Discord now. How goes the latest chapter? How is life?
    It's ok, I'll quietly listen, I believe it's good to vent a bit to at least arrange different thought you have in your mind and see them like this. That case of "You Scare Me Doc" sounds similar to the fear of doctors many people have, even if they don't want it and see how it's not intended, but their body reacts. I hope you'll get answers and solutions in time :<

    You're good-hearted, that's the truth, heheh~ ^^

    Everything pretty fine, but I've been running around in the city so much that my body hurts already xD
    it's nice to meet my philosobuddies, I love them <3
    Sorry that i didn't reply!!!! I opened the message and I remember being too tired to look at the screen for some serious reading. I apologize! I forgot..
    I am so sorry to hear about her bad health, it must be tough to be extra careful and all, and it must be a pain giving the American health care situation too. It must be painful... But you seem to be determined to still make it alright, even if there's tension between you two. That's admirable ; ^ ;
    It keeps her sane? I never asked before, but this worries me a bit as it sounds, is your sis in good health or...?
    Ohhh and thanks for the link!! That will be a sweet listen ^^
    Ughh.... I... can't say that would be my first choice for music ^^;;
    or my tenth...
    and to me it's a biiiiiit strange to listen to the same one so much like you say she does. A biiiiit worrisome to me lol
    I also like to put FF music on, like there's that 9 hour video with the piano collections and I adore them all <3 <3 <3 but it's a shame I know the soundtracks before knowing all the games, boo
    someday I'll get them FFs to experience myself
    Meow meow~~~ = x w x =
    Illness got away and university year started alright! thought right now I am sorting, arranging, moving things in my room, all the varied art materials DRIVE ME INSANE it's hell to sort them if I leave them in chaos after using them over a long period of time
    it's already been hours since I started this thing to put my room on point and I am growing frustrated xD

    oh and may I ask what kind of playlist she has? just curious lol
    I'll make it go well, I'll work for things to work smoothly, thanks :']
    seems like a peaceful day, as was wished for finally~ sounds sweet ^^
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