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    If we cannot see them in their worlds. Which one of them could at least end up as a party member/Summon?

    If they can't do anything much with a Muppets world, I'd like to see Miss Piggy be a summon gem myself. Can just see it... "HIII-YAH!"
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    Place your bets (Part 1)

    Didn't the hack/Nvidia leak happen in october too? So could of been that.
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    Let's talk PS5, folks.

    If they are totally converting to UE5, prolly not, depends on how much of the game they got done before the conversion. Don't get your hopes up and save your money for a ps5, that's my advice. (And don't expect OR count on a PS4 version but of course, be nicely surprised if there is one. It's...
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    GameStop Exclusive Funko POP! Kingdom Hearts Sora figure coming June 2023

    I don't like these things but wow, that's kinda cool. Shame I don't have hardly any room for such things.
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    Let's talk PS5, folks.

    Yeah, it hasn't YET, but considering it's using the newest Unreal Engine, consider it a strong possibility that it'll end up on PS5. My advice though; do not get the console just for that. If 'Neko hadn't wanted Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart so bad his teeth hurt, I wouldn't have access to one...
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    Let's talk PS5, folks.

    As for me, since we don't have enough storage on the console for me to drag out my full ps4 library, I chose World of Final Fantasy, the Ratchet and Clank remake, I am Setsuna, and FFXIV to install on our PS5 console right now. Of those, XIV is the only one with a free upgrade. (I was trying to...
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    Let's talk PS5, folks.

    Solider; I don't think it'll take that long lol. KH4 is UE5 already according to reports, so at BEST it'll be dual PS4/PS5. But you know Nomura; shiny shiny new hardware = POUNCE! He loves shiny new hardware. And the PS5 has been out for a while, it just has been kinda slow going getting it into...
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    Let's talk PS5, folks.

    So okay my brother (Not his real name; I'm just using one of his online handles) Shadowneko got his paws on a PS5 yesterday and is sharing it with me. I was wondering what games other than ps4 ones (I'm sharing my library with him OF COURSE; he left the console in the living room!) and the...
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    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts | Star Wars is here, bby! Other live action films?

    Mag; Since humans exist in the Muppets, likely stay human is my guess :)
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    Politics Russia Attacks Poland. Is this the start of WW3?

    Yeah, basically this is a case of "Friendly Fire Ain't." BBC news article on this. I would NOT be suprised if Putin-Punt-Him (my private name right now for the Russian President) does start it eventually though.
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    a question about wired controllers (Fun discussion)

    Yeah, I think it's called that b/c of what scalping originally meant, a very painful cutting off of the victim's scalp. Ouch. And these price scalpers bring the pain by overcharging for what you want because they are resellers. As for the controllers; I'd suggest not tossing them out and...
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    a question about wired controllers (Fun discussion)

    Vader; not sure why they did it but you can make it dimmer if you look into the config, and I suggest you do. That helps with battery life. Since I do not have a ps5 I can't say about ps5 controllers yet. Not enough games JUST for PS5 (and I don't mean PS4 games) for me to bother jumping though...
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    The Ask-a-Mod Thread

    That too Spockanort. I think one software RPGamer used didn't have that or was HORRIBLE at keeping them out (Forget what it was..I think it was Ikonboard but wouldn't swear to that) so we were getting spammers on top of spammers. I still say I hope you and the other mods do not have to have a...
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    The Ask-a-Mod Thread

    Ernest: I can tell you from the RPGamer forum, they're like ROACHES. They are everywhere and I had to deal with a lot of them over there (I was one of the member mods, btw.); just on some forums you don't see them b/c they have really good filters, so the trash goes straight to moderation. So...
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    The Ask-a-Mod Thread

    Thank you Dari and the other mods/admins/staff members for what you do! Oh and for the rest of us, if you wanna help, report those bots's butts. I would think that'd help you guys find them in a hurry. Especially when a bot necro's a thread. I've seen THAT one.