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  • I'm able to post again! I just added my long-awaited post just now(saved it so I wouldn't have to re-type it). I'm so glad the error's gone for me.
    I hope so. I think it would be loads of fun to be Peter.

    What do you want to do at Disney? One thing I think is great about working there is that everyone seems happy. I know they're required to be, but even the people behind the counter ask you how you're doing and whatnot.
    Well, it's not set in stone or anything, but it's my great ambition to be Peter Pan.
    I'm going to do the Disney college program and everything. And I'm in the right height range for Peter, so I hope so.

    ......... this problem is never gonna end and it grew worse. when i try to view the latest post in the Rp, it just goes to a blank white page. Same with the other Rp's im in. I don't understand what's going on.
    I stopped the illusion at the end of my post to give ya a little time to post to Castexs words then I will show REna what cause Castexs and Sleifs death hes okay with the plan I already talk to him about this idea long time ago
    hheeyyy do ya mind if I control Xiao/aio a little in my next post to continue the illusion and where would you like me to continue from that reveal Castex signing on Aoi or sommthing else.
    just so you know you have full control of what happens during the scene at the end of my post I just ask to things.

    no escape because Castex will reveal something very serious to Rena after your next post and yes I will use walt a little more just need to think it out a little better.

    and two because Castex is also going to reveal something about Kaijen to Rena.
    yep Walt disney will play a pretty big role in the conversation Rena and Castex are going to have also do you mind if Castex takes Rena on a rollecoaster ride through the past of the keybladers maybe even her own future and Castexs past the reason I am asking is because you controll what Aoi does and I am making sure that doesnt sound like powerplaying
    hey Rena I posted in the Traces of Aftermath rp hope its what you need to move the rp

    ps: hope my post is strange enough mwhahahahaha
    Okay, I posted but I had to cut it in half. I'll have to wait til someone else posts so I can put up Wrath's bit.
    Bahhhh! Something's up with my posting. I have my post ready for the Traces Rp and every time I submit it, it keeps taking me to this page that says "Page Not Found". I really don't know what's up with the site for me.
    Oh that would be really helpful thank you and don't worry I can only imagine how busy you can be xD
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