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  • Gah, sorry for the late response. I could have sworn I replied to you earlier, but it seems that I did no such thing -- I'm very sorry!
    hey hey hey

    Sorry about that, I'd really only intended to be on for a minute here.

    But uh, yeah. I've been meaning to get a hold of that documentary for ages now, but I can't ever find it. And if you're interested in HST any more, pick up Kingdom of Fear, it's pretty alright. Ulysses though, eh. I might have to go back again, I couldn't bring myself to appreciate it that much the first time around.

    Anyways though, what else have you been up to lately?
    nah man. i'm pretty sure gerald met up with some jazz singer and ended up singing with some raspy voice.
    well i haven't been on lately as my computer has been a bastard so we had to delete it for some reason (?) but yeah...as you know currently i am back.
    Good thing it isn't Australia.

    Yea man.
    I guess I used to be way more into this forum stuff back in 10th grade.
    Now everything in this site seems so lame.

    S'all good tho.
    Hit me up whenever on last.fm buddy.
    Oh, well they're brilliant, I hope that you do get around to watching them.
    Yes, her name is Audrey Tautou, if you didn't know.
    Have you seen A Very Long Engagement?
    Yeah, their rapping is filled with Jazz influences which makes them standout.

    I listen to Rising Down everyday.
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