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    KH2 Glitches!

    Whatt ^^^^? can you at least explain the glitches.. I was lucky I ran into no glitches, but I'd like for people to at least explain their glitch. Instead of giving a weird name for the glitch that has people wondering/curious.... :/
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    OMG OMG I was like at the mall earlier and like I saw it at EB Games and I was pretty down in the dumps and when I touched it I swear I saw heaven! And then I ran off with the case! I hope I don't get caught because its in my room right now! :o
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    After you get the game.

    Yeah, I would go into the spoilers thread and read what they put. Dude hehe so I could see if it would of been worth it to spoil it for myself or not. :/ So temptin.....
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    Nintendo DS Wifi (Mario Kart)

    Does anyone have a DS with Mario Kart DS and able to connect to wifi? If So lets play, here is my friend code. My Nickname is BoxyBoxy 012946 345025 Also, I'm getting the Tony Hawks DS for christmas so after Christmas if anyone has that game, play me on it too. :D
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    Fit in Dryer Club.

    I got this idea from somewhere and I wanted to do something like it too. I hope this can actually pull off and have people joining. So please join hehe. I really want this to work. Fit-in-Dryer Club ------------------- Its simple to get in have a picture of yourself in a dryer. Yeah thats...
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    Fanfiction ► Original Characters. but, still a fan-fiction

    Whoa hehe I love Ufo's and cows! THey are like the coolest thing ever. I hope this fan fic will have more cows in it cause gosh I love them cows. =3 anyways its going good so far.
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    Willy Wonka! Amazing tear?

    Anyways, after watching the newest Charlie and the Chocolate factory somewhere in myself I pulled out the idea that I would love to get the outfit that he is wearing. I mean seriously wow now can you members come and help me with my search on finding those clothes; I'd like to know the specific...
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    Fanfiction ► The Chronicles of Nightmare

    o.o Who the heck is nightmare! like huH?!?! hehe okay well post on poooost on! and more reviews gosh peoples.!
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    Fanfiction ► The Chronicles of Nightmare

    Yay you pooped out the next chapter like I said to xD. Do it do it do it poop I'll catch it with the toliet paper. =)
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    Fanfiction ► The Chronicles of Nightmare

    O_O poop out the next one if you could? Poop it out!! plops on the topic?!?!?! o.o plop it out.....lol anyways yeah that chapter was alright.
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    Fanfiction ► The Chronicles of Nightmare

    Oh man keep up with the chapters man they are great =) I wanna see more fool xD
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    The Guardian's birthday

    Omg its his birthday come everyone say happy birthday to him, it will really make his day pm him or post here or both saying happy Birthday!! He'd love it cause he is kinda in a slump today so we need to cheer him up. He can't be in a slump on his birthday so lets cheer him the heck up! whoooo...
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    deep drive

    o.o I'll tell you about it. Its at city and its night time and there is a guy in a hooded cloak walking through the rain, he then stops and heartless appear all over him and then he whips out his two keyblades. and he starts fighting all these heartless and there are tons of heartless he then...
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    Fanfiction ► The Chronicles of Nightmare

    do.ob Dang you keep plopping up chapters like crazy. W00t kissing blah! ewww.
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    Fanfiction ► The Chronicles of Nightmare

    w00t Go Chapter 6!!! hehehe lol This is like sonic but with a human instead xD