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    Oh, DMC4 Dante is the same as the Dante in the anime. That's probably why you liked him more...
    Me either, he doesn't look like Dante with that black hair. And he is way to thin... He looks like he takes himself to seriously to be Dante.
    You liked his personality in DMC3 better? XD
    I agree, I think they are going to change his appearance though. A LOT of fans are complaining about his new appearance...
    Oh, well that's good XD At least the weather was nice some of the time.

    Did you play DMC3 first? That's the game where he was most boastful...
    Of course ^^ It is a reboot of the series... Dante looks really different and it is being developed by Ninja Theory.

    This is the new Dante:

    The weather wasn't bad in those places? Was it?

    You dislike Dante's attitude? Maybe it is because he is so boastful XD
    Have you heard about the new DMC?
    Have you been anywhere else besides London?
    It sounds like you're progressing quickly ^_^

    You said that you play DMC, right? Or that you have a love/hate relationship with it...
    Oh, well that must have been at least somewhat exciting. ^^
    How far have you gotten?
    Did you get to do much in Harrow or London?
    Who are you playing as right now?
    I only played a bit of the original CoM,
    The weather was ugh? Was the weather bad?
    Oh, I guess we did XD I sent the MSN message a few hours after the message on here.
    Actually... It's the afternoon right now XD
    15:40 PM where I am.
    You got BBS? Have you played it yet?
    I thought so XD Did you ever play the original CoM?
    Oh, you stayed in London? Was it fun?

    Oh... And... Hello ^^
    You had to import it? Well at least you got to play it ^_^ Did you have to do the same thing with Kingdom Hearts Re: CoM?
    Yoko Shimomura is my favorite. Nobuo Uematsu is a close second place, it's hard to choose between them.

    I was wondering... Can you speak English as well as you write it?
    Video game music is some of my favorite. The three you mentioned, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy and Sonic have some of my favorite music.
    BlazBlue's soundtrack is amazing, I love the heavy rock feel in the music. I really like Taokaka's theme.
    Oh, was the Italian version the same as the U.S. version?

    Do you have a favorite videogame music composer?
    Oh, XD Next time it rains you should try playing in it a bit if it's not raining to much.
    I'm familiar with the "Tales of" series. They did? Then I might know who they are without realizing it ^^ What other work have they done with music?

    Do you ever listen to video game music?
    That happens to me also, sometimes the power cuts off and on for a few minutes, causing issues.
    Have you ever tried playing in the rain?
    I have a few of there cds somewhere in my collection, they don't seem to be too popular.
    Same here ^^ I just listen to the music that I like.
    There's a storm outside? Hopefully the power won't go out. Have yo ever been caught in the rain before?
    You're welcome ^_^
    Hmm... Out of that list the only musician I listen to is Utada Hikaru and I think I've listened to Yellow Card a few times.
    Like you, I don't have a specific genre, but I do listen to a lot of music.
    Is it raining right now?
    You're welcome! You don't to improve to much more ^^
    It's kinda obvious I guess XD

    You listen to music a lot, right? What type of music do you like?
    Yes, I can XD
    You're from Italy? What's it like there?
    Well, you speak English very well ^^
    I'm from the U.S. :p But you probably already guessed that.
    I don't remember him boarding the Falcon either, and with his last words.... He must have died. Shadow was pretty cool, that's to bad.
    Ice-skating? Do you remember what happened?

    Is English not your first language?
    Me either, Do you remember if Shadow got on board the Falcon?
    Whoa, really? That's about 5 bones you've broken. Were they all sports related accidents?
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