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  • Okay, I'll go ahead and add you. Let me know whenever you're ready to trade. Sorry I was inactive before, I had to help my family with something.
    Thanks so much for hatching her for me; I really appreciate it! Will you be able to trade tonight? My FC is 3697-7910-1698. And is there anything you would like in return?
    Hey man havent talked in a real long time how have things been since the exile.... sadly that really the only place i chatted with you.
    i agree. Been loving how much space me and Ethnic Woman have to talk. It's really nice
    oh!? yup i found it. I was gonna add my girlfriend, but you invited her first lol. Needless to say i found her and friended her. Thank you some much for this man, lol. It's so nice and spacious like a new home
    how many people you plan on bringing in. Can you only invite like one person?
    dude! i don't even know how to repay you!!! thank you so much for this man. It looks amazing!!
    as you can see, i had a bit of fun naming my e-mail...because i'm lame like that, lol
    dude! i would love an invite! but how does it all work...do you do it by gmail?
    It's a clip from Arrested Development. Sam J was cut in there to make the gif funnier I think. He wasn't actually a part of the show. lol
    I'm not quite sure what you mean. Sam J?
    Don't mean to be a bother or anything, but you're the only person I 'know' with an Incredible. I just bought one yesterday, and oh my God I'm loving the switch from the Droid so far. I just have a few questions:

    is it normal for the default clock/weather widget by HTC to be off? because for whatever reason, even with location on, it seems like it wants me to be somewhere that's 40 minutes away (and across a lake, probably)

    does your GPS take forever? so far mine has been much more sluggish than on the Droid, which sucks.

    when I check battery usage (I'm bump charging, but I've heard both good and bad things about the software issue being fixed when Froyo comes out in the next few weeks) it says Android System is using 38% of my battery, at least. you'd think the AMOLED screen would take more juice than that =/

    Again, sorry to be a pest, but I really love this phone and I want to see what's 'normal'
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