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  • Hey, when you're using your Incredible, what sort of things do you typically do and how long does the battery last?

    I've just been really, really debating getting one for the past few days, but for me it's just barely better than my Droid; which means that if it doesn't have anywhere near as good a battery life (seriously, even with semi-heavy use I had about 40% battery left after 17 hours) I won't make the leap, so I figure I'll ask someone that actually has the phone.
    alright. did you got mines? it's 2923-1608-5096. i'll be waiting in the room.
    hey what is your friend code? mines is 2923-1608-5096. do you happen to have an exeggcute? if you don't, just trade me anything i guess.
    Crobat is epic win in this game thats what I love so much about it :)
    i my pokemon team ok?

    No its ok, if i can't even beat anyone then I don't think I'll last its fine man I play for fun not for tournaments.
    Oh good, lol I'm not in the tournament because its to late, oh well.
    Well his pokemon was different, he had one legendary and a whole bunch of 4th and 3rd gen pokemon that were epic he had a blissey and I think he EV'd trained them.
    Thanks man I'm sorry if this caused enough stress, Its all my fault I shouldn't of gotten angry, and that was one of the better battles that I had even though I defeated one of his pokemon lol.
    I'm not thought I just feel like a jerk about this now, and I'm sorry for it I hope it doesn't hurt me in the long run.
    Yeah, you can use Serebii's IV calculator. The Calculator is only accurate if you know the EV's you've given your pokemon, though. Otherwise, it'll give you a higher IV than your pokemon actually has.
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