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  • hey man, I havent been here in a looooooong time, I checked my inbox, and saw we discussed about joining a clan, which I totally forgot about, but anyway I decided to drop by and say hello
    ehhhh I don't like downloading or waiting for aim/yahoo/msn to load up again haha. do you have facebook? :3
    Lol. You have no idea. Everyone's gone.
    what in the hell have you been up to?
    Yeah bro nice talking to you as well.

    And i personally have no problems with the site how it is. What exactly are you referring to?
    Surfing is pretty fun. I mainly just learned to have something to do while I'm at the beach. You actually get to meet a lot of new people (girls) while surfing down here, so it's all good.
    Eh, just enjoying summer. I'm at the shore right now, but it's nothing close to surfing weather.
    Okay you lost me
    Sounds fun. I still haven't been able to get the money to get a PS3 or 360.

    So how have you been?
    I figured I would continue the conversation via VM.

    So why haven't you been as active recently?
    haha sorry man I've been away for the past few days. I'll get on now.
    Alot has changed. You shouldn't be here unless you want your ass kicked.
    I resigned my position months ago. Had a busy year coming up, and honestly, I didn't feel I wanted to do this anymore. So I gave it up.
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