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  • Man, I really need to watch some of that 70's Show, because it's a shame I can't remember everyone's names right now. I really liked Kitty, cause she was hilarious. x'D I liked Jackie okay, but yeah, if I had to pick, it'd be Donna all the way too. ;3
    Hmm... I may give it another try once I do have the time for it.

    I can understand the feeling when it comes to a certain game series. I mean, you want to keep playing but at the same time you'd be completing a world that you're so familiar with and it's hard to close that chapter, you know? It's the same for me when it comes to Assassin's Creed game series.

    I've read that Sucker Punch isn't doing anymore of this series, which is sad because what they did were totally new and fun at the same time. However, I can understand that they'd like to move to new things and not be stuck on the genre. Funny enough, I've wondered how they'd pick up after that ending in Second Son and I think I'd do a good job working on it. :3
    Congratulations on completing it, Max! :D Now if I could complete Infamous 2, I'll be happy but it seems whenever I set the difficulty to Hard for a new file, it changes. Is that some sort of glitch and if so, does that mean platinum it is out of the question??

    So, I take it you'll be doing Second Son and First Light next?
    Your welcome! Oh yeah, that's right. Steven had no fucks to give, and was pretty laid back. I liked him and Donna. xD I couldn't agree more with you!
    Your avatar is the best. I loved that 70's Show. I forgot his name, but I liked the guy in your avatar a lot. xD
    PERSONA 3 / O.S.T. - Persona 3 - Amazon.com Music

    Just in case you haven't checked the persona thread. P3 soundtrack, $28
    All right. At least I asked first rather than last, so we shall wait on Latino to post! :)

    So, how are you doing? We've barely talked to each other and while it's because we're so busy doesn't mean we can't slow down to talk about things in general and whatnot.
    Hey, Max!

    I wanted to check with you to see if you'd post first or me to go ahead and respond to CD's post since I have already got an idea where to go next.

    Yea or nay?
    Your welcome. I know it isn't much, but it's the thought that counts, right? xD Nothing is ever to late! Make a wish! Never stop wishing, because sometimes wishes do come true. =D
    Stopping by to let you know, Happy Birthday Max! I hope you have a terrific birthday today and can enjoy being a year older! And that your wishes come true as well! :D
    Since I'm on my iPod, I wanted you to know I love the banner and everything else you added to it. xD Super hype to get started!
    Question for you: would you be totally up for doing a role-play based on the videogame series of inFamous?

    I just recently rediscovered my story that I wrote awhile back and thought it would serve the story better as a RP, considering it would totally work well within that realm. Instead of doing the 'seven years of hiding and fighting' trope, it'd fit better after the events in Second Son with the Hero ending, but of course like all endings, some are just getting started. Obviously, there will be some throwbacks about all the stuff that had happened over the years in the series.

    Lol, look at me rambling on about it when I should wait on your answer. XD
    Oh gosh, I forgot to reply to your last VM. I'm still disappointed it's not going to be a game but oh well. The art looks goooood.

    The piece of Sigma? :D

    YAY! I've actually never played Chaos;Head but I've red up on it a bit.
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