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  • Same :S but sea salt ice cream is real at least, they sell it in Disney Tokyo :D like I needed another reason to want to go there lol
    I just know how much she means to her, and know how it feels. I don't want to get in the way of it, you know?

    That kind of ties into how I feel that Sora is actually very similar to Goku. Maybe not in terms of "HE IS STRONGER THAN EVERYONE" but he fights to protect what he cares about, is naive, and can be overconfident. The spirit bomb style attack wold definitely be a nice touch that would tie back into "My friends are my power". I'd like if Terra actually got a moment where you see how badly this has affected him over the years, and I absolutely want Ventus to do something to set him apart from Sora. I'm tired of all the Sora clones, it feels like it drags it all down. THe only ones that are passable, to me, are Roxas and Vanitas.

    And in Florida, that crazy place.

    I do, but I'm not a fan of people spending money on me. xD Miranda bought me some food the other night cause I literally hadn't had anything all day and she basically had to go order it befor I could say anything. So now I ower her something in return.

    Actually, I'd like that a lot. Like, we'd get to learn everyone's real names. Seriously, what did Marluxia come out of? It just makes me curious who, if any, would help out Sora and the gang. Plus the things it could bring to the table with Namine, like you said. Maybe Marly and Larxene aren't so bad as Somebodies.

    Yeah, I thin there was a huge series of tweets about a guy that did that... It probably happens a lot. A lot of embarassing sex-related injuries. People get a little too adventurous some times.
    Yeah, things seem to be going pretty smoothly for them. I drug Miranda out last night since she was throwing a pity party cause her phone was messing up. I was gonna take her to go see Stephanie since we were in the area but it was 12:30 by then and there was no way she was staying awake.

    Yeah basically everyone needs more focus than Sora. This is the climax of everyone's story, not just his. Like you said, he hasn't even met Xehanort yet other than the Young One so he still doesn't really know anything about him.It'd be nice for Terrra to get some redemption. God knows he's practically the butt of everyones' jokes so it'd be cool if he redeemed himself and people were like "man i can't make fun of him now." As for Ventus, I hopes he takes Vanitas back in. It's similar to a Nobody situation in that he's not complete without him. I hope it ends up kind of affecting his peronality, that would be cool. I don't want Ventus to be just another Sora. I'm tired of Sora clones...

    Never Neverland. Will anyone ever find such a place? It's doubtful.

    I never got to finish it cause my PSP copy doesen't belong to me anymore. I was stupid and gave away my PSP and games. I just haven't gotten aroudn to finishing jthe DS version, either. Also I'm willing to bet Nomura has that power over plotholes...

    A confrontation between Xemnas and former members would actually be really cool. Could be a way to end their redemptions. Namine just becomes an all-knowing god-like figure. Something about that just feels... Cool.

    I've heard some very very stupid stories about emergency visits.
    Yeah, definitely. I'm happy for her because her last girlfriend was pretty much a lying twofaced bitch.

    I'd actually prefer them to pull away from Sora, in honesty. I know he's the hero and all, but he honestly hasn't had much development since I. Unless III fixes that, it gets tiring really quick. I'd love for Terra to finally come full circle. Maybe we won't hate him so damn much. Ven can grow up and be, well, mature. I'd love to see his abilities as a fully mature adult because in terms of fighting styles of everyone we've used, he's been my favorite. Now that you mention it, I wonder how Aqua has really felt over the last 11 years about everything that happened. LIke you said, it ended up being for naught. Makes you wonder if those wounds are still sore or if they finally healed into scar tissue. And... That'd be an awesome way to do the credits. Welcoming everyone back, Tidus being... Tidus? Wakka giving that sly smirk tossing and catching the Blitzball.

    Being an adult sucks, though. It really, really does.

    I can't completely speak because I never got to get very far in the game, at least not half way even, but I'd assume he gets some good abilities especially if you consider his appearance in the Dissidia games. ...I need to play those again. And damn right we do. We will bullshit our way out of any plot holes.

    I was actually thinking. Regardless of how it's set up, they are severely outnumbered. This could open the door for, say, Roxas to come in and join. And maybe the other apprentices will help fight. (...which ones are still good? Ienzo, I can't imagine Eleaus being evil based on his personality as Lexeaus, and Even maybe? I honestly don't remember) That's a good point about Lea... If he remembers Roxas and still wants him back, he may be willing to even sacrifice Sora to do it. But they could, potentially, nab Xion too. Namine, well, I dunno how much of a help in fighting she could be. But, maybe she could, since Kairi can use a Keyblade. ...Dunno who else there could be to help even the odds. Basically, Eraqus would say "Damnit, Terra. You hecked up. Just... You hecked up so bad. I taught you better than this. Listen to Aqua more."

    You'll probably meet a lot of stupid people, depending on which field you go into. xD You might also get some amazing stories and some sad stories.
    I just hung out with Miranda for a bit, and she was talking about it. Ahh, the moment you can just tell... Feel the way they pick up when they talk about that certain someone.

    Riku has had more development than Sora, and he's done a lot, so I wouldn't be too upset if they didn't focus on him little to not at all. But everyone else... Isn't so lucky. I mean yeah, TAV had their own game but we didn't get to see much other than Aqua being in the Realm of Darkness. I wanna see that reunion. I'd love to see what the rest of the apprentices who came back do. I hope Kairi gets to be a badass, because she deserves to be. Hell, I'd like to see Tidus and Wakka again, too. I wanna see new outfits, hair styles, anything like that. Something that shows these characters are progressing and have changed.

    Awww D: But, at least it's done and taken care of.

    Ahh, Paldin Cecil. I miss Dark Knight Cecil more... Our goals may be large, but nothing will stand in our way. Not even plot holes.

    Yesss. I get it, Sora's really important. But you're setting up this big clash between seven and thirteen. Sora can't be the one to take them all out. I don't want them to do it in cutscenes, either. Let us play all the battles as whoever is fighting them. That would be so much better than cutscenes. I wanna see wat Lea ends up doing. And actually that's a neat idea, just have Eraqus go all Mufasa. "REMEMBER...." They shouldn't bring him all the way back, though. Or then it's just getting ridiculous.

    It can be a real pain in the ass, but I enjoy it. You meet a lot of interesting people like that.
    Not too much. She manages the DigiLab, a place where you can go create new Digimon, power up existing ones, etc etc. But she seems to be very interested in the progress of the hero/heroine. She first made an appearance in the 3DS Digimon game that never released here in the west where she has a similar role...

    *u* PS4 has so many nice games coming for it. I think you'd LOVE Transistor. I'd also recommend Tales of Zestiria (depending on if you like Tales games) because the main characters are pretty solid, and the female characters in the game are pretty damn awesome too, and Dragon Quest Heroes even if you haven't played a DQ game ever (I've never played one but the game is like a good blend of action and classic RPG features).

    We must wait and hope Nomura will do the best for Kairi. ;~;
    Sadly, no, since it was so late. The only thing I did was go and get cigarettes at 3am since I was out.

    Ooooh, that's another good point. I love seeing Sora and Riku because Riku has seriously grown on me, but I really would like to see him bond with the others as well. Putting him and Ven together would be a great idea, I think. Would get them to give Ven a personality other "more or less Sora." Lea would be great because of Roxas... Aqua could be like a Sage, giving him advice and what not. Ahhh, see? This is what it I Love. If only they'll do something like that. And yeah, I'm excited for D23 because I just want some new stuff. I'd love for them to show us someone other than Sora. I mean, last time we got Young Eraqus and Young Xehanort. I didn't expect that, but I really liked that. I wanna see some more characters. Show us Aqua's gorgeous face in gorgeous PS4!

    You do that. I kinda passed out at 8:30am and here i am now.

    Ah, FF4 is a great game. Dark Knights, man. KAIN HIGHWIND... I dunno how far in you are but Cecil does something about being a Dark Knight. Also, thank you! With that, we will truly be unstoppable!

    Yessss. There is so much going on in KHIII and they honestly can't focus on Sora the entire game unless they just wanna cop out cheaply and have it happen off screen. I mean, they can make Sora the one with the most or longest segments, but give me some variety. So many people are running around now. Like you said, Riku and Mickey are looking for Lost Masters. So what are Lea and Kairi doing? Are they still/finishing training? I wanna see what everyone is doing, because asa great of a protag as Sora may be, we need to see the others as well. If they do it right, it'll make the pay off at the very end so much more weighted and good feeling. Also, watch Eraqus somehow come back. JUST because this is Kingdom Hearts.

    I'm a construction worker. More specifically, a pipe fitter. I run pipelines, measuring andd whatnot then putting them together so they can be welded. Then putting them in place.
    Oh man you have no idea! I was grinning like an idiot for them.

    Yeah, I mean since Nomura has already said that the series will go on after KHIII, just that this ends Xehanort's Saga, it should definitely revive the theorizing and critical thinking. Those are the best parts about games, in my honest opinion. Just feeling the hype and waiting for new trailers or information is so fun, even if a pain in the ass to wait for. The only thing is that he said KH will always be Sora's Story so I'm just curious how well that will hold up.

    Yes! Office hours are a pain in the ass.

    Damn right. Most people are afraid of the dark, but I embrace it. Hell, my first original character I ever created was a Nobody in the KH universe. (He's evolved a lot since then, though) His defining trait is that in all but one incarnation he has power over Darkness. It's not exactly a safe power to use, it's very risky, but he's the only one that control it, drawing on his heart's inner darkness.

    Yeah, true. I really would love to see multiple playable characters. Maybe something like BBS's set up. Each character has their own arc, and they overlap, but to get the true story you play through them all. But instead of just that, something like. You jump to different characters at different points in the story, that can be either before, ahead or at the same time. Then as you draw to a close, everything starts lining up and they all meet up for the final fight. I like that idea so much better. Not only that, but it really depends on how long of a story they're planning on. I'd love a super long one where we get to see a lot of everyone, but I know that won't happen. As you said, there are so many characters that have much higher stakes. Terra probably has the highest, and who knows maybe he will end up being a better character when we finally get him back.

    LOL In that case, your mother and I have the same philosophy. I just don't get a lot of choice with my line of work, though. I just have to grin and bare it whether it's 15 degrees our or 105.
    omg i'm like squeeing like a fangirl they finally kissed and its just lrjsgksmkgsfjlnskmg its about damn time

    Yeah, like. Some things are much better off left unknown. But then Nomura goes and answers it and its completely underwhelming. I'm not mad at Nomura, but I wish he wouldn't do things like that. My favorite part of any game is before it even comes out and right after it comes out. All the speculation and theorizing about this and that, then seeing what we got right and what we got wrong. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was the first game to capture that feeling for me since KHII all those years ago... It was honestly a magical time. The golden age.

    I know, but the sooner you do it the sooner you can not talk to them again!

    Damn right! And no worries, I'm rather good with the Darkness. I'm sure even I can keep them at bay~

    Kingdom Hearts has had SO many characters and yet none of them other than Eraqus has actually died. Not to mention how everyone evil is Xehanort and how there are basically four different Soras. I just get the feeling that at some point, it snowballed out of control and Nomura just stood back and thought "....Well fuck me. I've done it now." Because, hell. Just on our side alone we have Sora, Riku, Kairi, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Aqua, Terra, Ven, Lea, and presumably Roxas and Namine as well. People are getting shafted. And our luck, it's the latter two at least. If they at least do Kairi justice, I might can live with it because she hasn't really had anything happen. I mean, not being rude, but Roxas had more character development over his short life than some of the characters have had the entire franchise.

    I'd rather be cold than hot, in honesty.
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