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  • Nah you're actually completely right. Sometimes leaving ambiguity behind is better, because the truth could never live up to the fiction. It's unfortunate, but I guess it's kind of to be expected from a series like Kingdom Hearts. Disney might not be so happy with the brand being associated with too dark of a story.

    Yes, do it. Best to do it asap so you don't have to worry about it anymore.


    Roxas and Namine both will probably get thrust to the back burner because of Ven and Aqua, sadly. I get the feeling that even if they do somthing with Roxas and Namine, it won't be until the end. Which is a shame. Because hey, they could use all the keyblade wielders they can get their hands on. They're outnumbered after all. I guess it's mostly just wishful thinking. They've gone this long without doing anything at all with those two, why change now? As for Kairi, if we don't get something, I'm going to be pissed. She was central to the plot in I, was just there in II in honesty, and all we saw in DDD was that she was going to learn to properly use a keyblade. I want her out there fighting along with everyone else! She was never the damsel in distress type, I wanna see her do some fighting. Maybe she can take after Aqua and be more magic based in that she has access to higher variety of magic spells. Sora can have access to better combo finishers and enchancers. Riku can have access to Dark powers like Dark Aura. Then let them all have some sort of light based powers, kinda like what Roxas could use. That is something I would like to see.

    Yeah, it's basically Kill la Kill.
    Cecil :D

    I wanted to use Blake because of her fighting style, then again, I love Yang xD My brother and my friend called dibs on Ruby and Weiss, so maybe you could join us if the game got out xD
    Yeah, I suppose that is right. The way they built it up, he seemed like he had an amazing story that led to this point. It just happened to come at that perfect point in my life that his personality that we saw in those few short hours was what I could relate to. I could never relate to Sora, I've never been so optimistic. Roxas felt more grounded. More human. And when I found out about Days, I was all excited because "HELL YES A GAME ABOUT ROXAS!!!!" and, as I said before, it's not bad. Not in context. But when you consider how he was portrayed when we first met him, it just feels like the dropped the ball.

    Oh man, I hate computer tech support. I truly do. Thankfully, I can fix practically anything but hardware issues myself. I hate having to rely on others to help me, really.

    Yes... Yes... Tomorrow the plotting begins anew... Cog will fall, and you shall rise~

    Yeah, you're right. In DDD Roxas tells Sora that it has to be him, he realizes that. Even when Sora tells him he deserves to be his own person, Roxas knows that that is Sora's destiny. It's sad that we haven't so much as really seen anything from Namine. She had a lot of mystery surrounding her as well, but they squandered that too. They've used her as an exposition dump and that's that. No character development since her helping Kairi and reuniting with Roxas. Those two both need closure, because I don't feel like KHII's ending was enough. I wanna see how they feel about it now that they've had some time to live like that. I want to know if they can talk to Sora and Kairi like a voice in their head. If they just sort of simultaneously exist with them. There's so much I want to know and see from those two and Roxas and Xion in Sora's head in DDD is the most we've gotten, and that hardly counts. We see them used and abused, meeting, reuniting, and merging with their somebodies. But we haven't seen the after-effects. That's a huge change, especially for two people who more or less felt like shit because they were told they were never meant to exist and that they were only shadows of who they used to be. I honestly don't think they would have adjusted so easily and quickly. I mean, look at how Data Roxas was.

    Clearly there needs to be a three piece suit that transforms into a weapon.
    Well, he kinda seemed like a typical teenager, really. Really angsty, but then what teen isn't at some point? As they slowly revealed more and more about what happened right before he was captured, you see that he was probably the most powerful Keyblade wielder at the time. Of course, that depends on where you put Mickey. But he was definitely stronger than Riku. Riku had to give in and use Darkness just to stop him. We see him going against what we're used to with Sora. He asks why the Keyblade chose him, and he wants answers. He just doesn't grin and bare it, he wants to know. He will stop at nothing to learn. He would've taken on Xemnas if Riku and DiZ had not intervened.

    Ouch. Best to just set up and be done with it. I remember one time, my voicemail was literally just Cloud saying "Not interested." But calling companies is definitely a pain. Especially if they put you on hold or give you tech support in the form of people with extremely thick accents who think you are an idiot.

    Yes, we shall have a day of ceasefire to celebrate.

    I didn't really think about that with Namine... Maybe they just grab an apartment? Though, they could just stay on DI. I think that would moreso depend on whether or not Roxas would be comfortable with being around the one who is supposed to be the 'real' and 'complete' version of himself. Given how he acted once he and Sora fought, maybe. But knowing Roxas, he could just be begrudgingly accept it. I don't think Namine has a problem with Kairi. I mean, she helped Kairi out after all. And that was really to help atone for what she did back in Castle Oblivion. At the end of the day, she'd probably be happy being around Roxas and having Sora visit once in a while, even if it wasn't as frequent as originally intended. Having to save the worlds from the brink of destruction is a scheduling nightmare.

    Hmm... A hairbow, a crossbow, a bow and arrow, a bow tie.... I wonder what this thing would even look like. o.o
    Yeah, you're right. We saw Roxas from start to end. But honestly, Days kind of ruined him for me for a while. He was just Blonde Sora and it wasn't until the very end that we saw the Roxas we know. I'm forever salty about it, but less so these days. Not as salty as I am about his fight with Sora. As for why you like Kairi? Doesn't matter. Kairi's a neglected character who needs the love. SO KEEP ON LOVIN'.

    Yeah that's what it comes down to. Text conversations give you the time to think about what you're saying, and it can be easier to deal with awkward situations with text instead of voice or face to face conversations. I've gotten better about it over the years, but I still barely use my phone as a phone. I mean, hell, when you first meet me in person I can be quiet and not say much but once I'm around you enough, I just talk like my normal self which is what you see on here.

    Yes... We must only dethrone Cog and the revolution can begin!

    That's a good question... They did want to be around each other, asking if Sora and Kairi would be together, which they said of course (good job on that one lately, guys.) But at the same time, I feel like Twilight Town would be their real home. I can't see them living in Raidant Garden, though. But visiting at least because of Lea.

    Whoops, I dun goofed. So many bows.
    OH MY GOD YES SHE DOES HAVE THE SAME AIR THAT KONISHI HAS! Cyber Sleuth is apparently a really good game so if you have a PS4 or a PSV, check it out when it comes out next year!

    They are, but you'd imagine that with as many hours that they are given, a more succinct story could be told because there is more time to expand on individual characters. The lack of agency is what makes it hard for me to connect to Kairi in the first place because the story uses her and guides her rather than letting her be an active part of it. I need KH3 to do this because Kairi is a spunky girl who wants to fight for her friends and is never allowed to ;~;
    Yeah, Roxas was the first character that I related to in KH. Probably because at the time he came around, I was entering the whole angsty teenage years. Went through that period where I hated Sora and didn't like Kairi. Eventually I got over all the angst and hate, but I still prefer Roxas over Sora and always will.

    That's fair enough. In honesty, I tend to hate calling people. I'm not even sure why, but I do. I'll text someone before I call them. It's just one of those things, I guess.

    A world with no conflict, only happiness.

    I agree wholeheartedly. He and Namine both deserve that. THeir entire existences they were used to further the machinations of others. Roxas never asked for the keyblade and didn't like having it. Namine faced bigotry ad was more or less a slave of Marluxia's. They deserve to become their own people and just live a normal life, without the Keyblade and without the Memory powers.

    Basically Yukari is a bow user and she's notoriously bad at hitting targets sometimes.
    I'm fine, I promise. I've dealt with this kind of thing for years, it's just been a while since the last time. I've talked to a few people about it, even told them something hardly anyone knows about the state of my mind. That, and that I once joked about suicide with an unloaded gun to my head. Another helped by distracting me by talking about Roxas.

    My mom will call if she doesn't hear from me for a while regardless and gets pissed if I don't answer. I always tell her if something happens, that's when you get a call. I'm just not a talkative person with her, and I never call her when I'm working. It's always the same thing. Over and over. It drives me insane.

    Yes.... Soon Kairi will be unleashed upon the masses!

    Seriously, even if you take away the dual wielding since that's thanks to Sora and Ven both, he can still fight with Light and is RIDICULOUSLY good with that. Sora ain't got shit on that.

    As long as it's not Yukari Takeba's bow from Persona 3. Her and her missing....
    And has a gun for a right hand.

    I managed to survive because Yang was still alive and he killed them all..... Man, I'm sorry, I didn't expect this game to be tough....
    He's mostly an angry character, too.

    Half of my party died thanks to this bombing boss. Edward, Rydia, and Rosa dies quick, but somehow Cecil and Yang are the only survivors ever. The original version is MUCH tougher xD
    Yeah, it's incredibly so frustrating. So frustrating that while I was asleep, it hit me and kicked me into a depressive state. I guess it makes me jealous, cause I haven't had something like that in nearly four fucking years. It kinda hurts to watch.

    Like my mom calling me because she's paranoid we're going to get hurt because it's 1:30am and I couldn't tell her where we were or she'd yell at me, so I just got short with her and she hung up on me so after that I just said "well fuck you too" and threw my phone on the dashboard.We don't get along very well.

    YES!!!! This is a world I fully and wholly support <3

    Yeah, Riku had his problems and yet Roxas' were bigger. But unlike Riku, Roxas never got to come out the other side. I honestly, honestly think and will always think that Roxas was a better fighter than both Sora and Riku.

    Evidently my luck skill isn't too high. Oh well.
    Nope, Riley. Now I wish I named him Huey if he was more quiet.

    She's worse in the NES version, sadly. Once you get Edward, you can cast negative status ailments on enemies, thank god. Now that I think about it, my first ATB experience was with the slow NES FF4 emulator. The battle system is pretty hard to get used to...,
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